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    The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin Chapter 119

    35. A Weight of What is to Come 


    We head out, and me and Leo are in the front since it’s a tad tight in the back, although I think I could have cramped in if it meant being near my woman. 

    The venue is about a ten-minute drive from the Rossi Mansion, still on the premises of the Night Walkers pack lands. 

    It gives me the time to think over what is to come. Tonight, I will tell Mom, Dad’s truth… Will I break her? 

    Will she walk on in life with the same haunting look that Maria Rossi holds?” 

    That is a look that I will never forget, no 

    matter how well she tries to hide it… 

    Am I doing the right thing? Or should I have given her more time to prepare? I no longer 


    Skyla’s hand slips around the side of the 

    seat, and I take it, trying to rein in my emotions so she doesn’t feel them. 

    She doesn’t need the extra burden, she has enough going on. 

    “What’s on your mind?” Leo asks quietly, his eyes on the road. 

    I glance across at him. He’s in full black and 

    the silence of the car is loud. 

    “Mom… I don’t know how she’ll take it… she is strong, mentally. I just hope the fact that Vic- Winona is alive will be enough for her to be able to handle it,” I answer quietly. 

    Skyla leans forward, wrapping her other arm around the seat from behind. 

    Comfort that I really can do with. I close my eyes, resting my head back against the 

    leather headrest. 

    “I haven’t met your mother, but from what you’re saying, I do believe that she can make it through this,” Leo says. “And I’m sure you will break it to her gently.” 

    “Agreed. Just don’t pull an Alejandro, and 

    throw it at her like a bag of damn bricks,’ Azura adds and I smile slightly. 8 


    I lift Skyla’s hand to my lip, kissing it softly. 

    I truly hope so… 

    We reach the venue, and the outside is 

    teeming. 1 

    I don’t think I’ve been to an event with so many people… Leo drives through and we go 

    around the back until we reach the 

    enormous iron doors that are shut tight. 

    Leo scans his hand on the scanner and keys 

    in a pin before the doors to the underground 

    parking slide open. 

    After all, I’m to lie low until the time is right. Whilst Alejandro’s talk will be ongoing, 

    Marcel will bring Winona to meet Mom… 

    after I’ve broken the news to her about her 

    being alive. 1 

    “Alright let’s go,” Leo says as he grabs his gun, packet of cigarettes, and phone as if it’s the most normal thing ever and gets out. 

    “Give us a minute.” Skyla says before I can 

    even open the door. 

    She climbs into the seat that Leo just got up 

    from. He bends down at the open door, 

    frowning at us. 

    “Do not do anything in my car,” he warns, making Skyla smirk. 

    “You can’t really stop us-‘ 

    “Come on, Handsome,” Azura says, tugging 

    Leo away. 

    He’s about to argue, but settles for a glare at Skyla instead, before slanrming the car door shut and wrapping his arms around his 


    I look at Skyla, about to speak, when she reaches over, placing a finger to my lips before she climbs lithley into my lap. 

    Fuck, I’m going to have a hard-on now. Pleasure rushes through me as her pussy presses against the bulge in my pants and she bites her lip. 

    But despite that, when I look into her eyes, they are soft as she looks down at me with 


    “You’re doing the right thing,” she whispers, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my cheek softly. 

    I lock my arms around her tightly, rubbing 

    her back slowly. 

    “Thanks, Love,” I say, kissing her shoulder before I lean back and look into that 

    gorgeous face once more. 

    Simply admiring her. 

    Goddess… she’s beautiful… 

    I raise my hand to her face, tenderly running my finger down her nose, before brushing her hair aside as I look into those eyes of 


    “I’m lucky to have you call me yours,” I 

    whisper softly. 

    I don’t know why, but I’m feeling fucking emotional right now. 

    I’m fucking grateful she’s here with me. 

    “And I love how you always say you belong 

    her hair aside as I look into those eyes of 


    “I’m lucky to have you call me yours,” I 

    whisper softly. 

    I don’t know why, but I’m feeling fucking 

    emotional right now. 

    I’m fucking grateful she’s here with me. 

    “And I love how you always say you belong to me,” she whispers, kissing my lips deeply. 

    Despite the proximity and the sexual tension that’s ever-present, there’s something deeper… far more intense between us in this 

    moment. 4 

    “Always,” I reply huskily. 

    I brush her hair back and kiss her lips slowly. 

    The sweet taste of her mouth and her soft 

    lips are magical and for a moment I close my eyes, lost in her. 

    Her heart is racing, her lips quivering as she 


    kisses me back equally slow and deep before 

    we part. 


    Our eyes meet and I cup her face with one 


    “Tonight, I want to introduce you to Mom too… she’s going to love you,” I promise. 

    I know she will, because Skyla is a strong woman, just like her. 

    “I can’t wait,” she replies. 

    My phone rings and I know it’s probably Leo 

    telling us to get out. 

    She sighs and hugs me tightly. “We got this. 

    By the time the night is over, we’ll be 

    relieved that it was far easier than we’re 

    thinking it will be right now.” 2 

    I nod slowly. I sure hope so. 

    I open the car door and she slowly gets off my lap and I get out after her, pulling her in 

    for a tight hug once more before I have to go 

    my separate way. 

    Leo and Azura are standing by the door that leads inside, waiting for her. 

    Kissing Skyla a final goodbye, I make my way to the back of the parking lot. 

    I’ll be taking a separate entrance and lying 

    low for a bit. 

    ‘I love you.’ Skyla’s words stop me in my tracks, and I glance over my shoulder at her. 

    ‘Love you far more.’ I reply. 

    A gorgeous smile crosses her face, illuminating her eyes. But then faster than I would have liked, Azura tugs her inside and the door slams shut behind them, 

    leaving me alone in the darkness of the 

    underground car park. 

    ‘Stay safe,’ her voice comes. 

    ‘I will.’ 

    Well, here goes nothing… 

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