Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    Chapter 625

    Thalassa was exerting all her strength to get up from the floor, but it was a futile endeavor with Elowen sprawled out on her face and Sophia clutching onto her arm like a koala to a tree.

    With two little tykes clinging to her and her body refusing to cooperate, she tried twice but couldn’t manage to lift herself off the ground.

    Suddenly, a firm hand supported the back of her head. With just a slight nudge, Lysander, their formidable leader, lifted Thalassa’s head and body from the floor.

    Elowen slid off Thalassa’s face to sit on her stomach, while Sophia rolled off to the side, maintaining her grip on Thalassa’s arm. The scene was undeniably adorable.

    Finally able to breathe, Thalassa took in a large gulp of air. Before she could fully recover, she felt a powerful presence behind her. Her breathing hitched, and her heart pounded in her chest.

    Without even turning around, she knew who it was.

    Who else but Lysander could possess such strength and a commanding aura?

    Thalassa got up, still holding Elowen and Sophia, feeling both tense and wary. She didn’t look back but focused on her children, saying softly, “Let’s go sit on the couch. Mommy wants to talk to you, okay?”

    “Yeah, okay, I want to talk to Mommy too,” Elowen agreed, her chubby hand tightly gripping one of Thalassa’s fingers, her big eyes twinkling.

    “Okay…” Sophia said weakly, blinking back tears of longing for her mother.

    Dorian and Atticus had already obediently taken their seats on the couch.

    Thalassa, tense and avoiding eye contact with Lysander, walked to the couch with the two girls and sat down. The children surrounded her, providing a protective barrier.

    Thalassa looked at her four adorable children, pulling Sophia onto her lap and facing her. Looking into Sophia’s eyes, she asked gently, “Sophia, was it your grandma, Evelyn, who brought you here today?”

    Elowen piped up, “Evelyn and Great-granny came for us.”

    Dorian nodded, “Yeah.”

    “They were talking, so we went upstairs to play. But then Great-granny fainted, and the police took away Evelyn,” Atticus added, his little face full of sadness.

    Thalassa asked, “Did any of you see what happened when Great-granny fainted?”

    Since Evelyn was the one who had gone to help Sophia when she fell, it suggested the children had witnessed the incident. They could provide valuable insight.

    The Sinclair’s house had no surveillance cameras, so what had transpired could only be corroborated by those present.

    “I fell…” Sophia mumbled, tears welling up in her eyes.

    “And then?” Thalassa prompted gently, her gaze soft and encouraging.

    “Enough!” Lysander marched over and snatched Sophia from Thalassa’s arms. His handsome face was icy, his eyes cold and intimidating.

    “Interrogating a child! Is this why you insisted on coming here?” Lysander ground out, anger burning in his eyes.

    Thalassa tried to explain, “I’m not interrogating her. Sophia’s behavior is off. She doesn’t usually cry this easily…”

    “Don’t make excuses! Your whole family, not a single one of you, is decent!” Lysander snapped, his face dark, his voice devoid of any warmth, full of anger and hatred.

    “I…” Thalassa was about to respond when Zephyr, looking as melancholy as ever, entered from the doorway.


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