Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    Chapter 624

    Lysander looked down at the tiny figure of Sophia cradled in his arms. She was crying, her sobs tiny, as if she was afraid to make too much noise. Her eyes were filled with tears that slipped down her cheeks in a slow, steady stream.

    Sophia’s vulnerability tugged at Lysander’s heartstrings, making it feel as if something was tightening around his chest and making it hard for him to breathe. She was his daughter. She should have been bold and vivacious, not timid and afraid.

    It dawned on him then that the absence of his presence in the past four years must have hurt his children more than he could have realized.

    As Lysander cradled Sophia, the other three little bundles of joy came tumbling down the stairs, their movements awkward and unsteady as if they might roll down the stairs at any moment..

    The household staff stood by, ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

    Once they reached the bottom, they scampered towards Lysander, their short legs wobbling like tiny penguins.

    Elowen, with her chubby little arms, clung to Lysander’s leg, her rounded face tilted upwards, her little mouth pouting as she said in a soft voice, “Daddy, I miss Mommy too.”

    “I want Mommy too,” Dorian declared, standing by Lysander’s feet, his innocent eyes filled with sadness.

    “Yes, we all want Mommy,” Atticus chimed in, his adorable face serious.

    Surrounded by his children, with Sophia still sobbing in his arms, Lysander fidgeted, then instructed one of the servants, “Call the gatehouse and let her in.”

    Thalassa, who had been anxiously waiting at the gate, was suddenly informed that she was allowed to enter. She hurried towards the Sinclair’s house.

    There, in the living room, the four children were gathered around Lysander, their little faces filled with sadness, pleading with him.

    As Thalassa walked in, the children turned towards the door, their eyes lighting up like stars as they saw her. Their faces bloomed into smiles as they raced towards her.

    “Mommy!” they chorused.

    Their innocent voices pierced Thalassa’s heart, healing her anxiety and nervousness.

    A fond smile spread across Thalassa’s face as she crouched down, opening her arms to welcome her little ones.

    As the four children raced into her arms, their momentum caused Thalassa to stumble backward. She ended up on the floor, her arms full of her


    Elowen’s chubby face was pressed against hers, her arms wrapped tightly around Thalassa’s head, securing her place.

    “Mommy, I missed you so much. I want a hug.”

    “All right, sweetheart. Hugs for everyone,” Thalassa managed, her voice muffled by Elowen’s hold.

    Sophia clung to Thalassa’s arm, her face burrowed into her armpit, a picture of contentment and happiness.

    “Mommy, um…”

    “It’s all right, Sophia. Mommy’s here. Don’t cry.”

    Dorian hugged Thalassa’s other arm, trying to stand up and pull her up, but his strength was not enough.

    “Mommy, I’ll pull you up.”

    Atticus, who had rolled to Thalassa’s feet, quickly got up and ran over to Dorian, joining him in trying to lift Thalassa. Then the two brothers pulled together to help their mother.

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