Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    Chapter 623

    Suddenly, she remembered that Lysander had blocked her.

    In a pleading tone, Thalassa turned to the security guard, “Could you do me a favor? Could you dial the Sinclair’s house for me? I’ll take over as soon as they pick up.”

    The security guard recognized her. She’d been there several times before, and Lysander himself had previously escorted her in.

    Not wanting to offend someone who might have ties with Lysander, the guard agreed to dial the Sinclair’s landline.

    The guardhouse had a direct line to the Sinclair’s grand foyer to facilitate visitors’ access. Once the call connected, Thalassa took the receiver. “Hello, it’s Thalassa, the mother of the four children.”

    She could feel the icy chill and heavy atmosphere from the other end of the line.

    Her heart skipped a beat when she recognized Lysander’s voice.

    “Wait, Lysander, give me a chance to say a few words,” she pleaded just as he was about to hang up.

    Even through the phone, she could feel his intimidating aura, making her breath hitch. No words were spoken. Simply, a chilling silence came through.

    Thalassa took a deep breath. “I spoke with my mother,” she began, “She said she was only discussing our marriage with Grandma Sybil. In the middle of their conversation, she saw Sophia fall down the stairs. She rushed to help Sophia, and when she turned back, she found Grandma Sybil on the floor. She didn’t push Grandma Sybil. Could there be some misunderstanding? Can we check the surveillance footage?”

    Having lived with Evelyn for many years, Thalassa knew her mother well. Evelyn was all bark and no bite. She was harmless, especially in a place like the Sinclair’s house. And when facing Grandma Sybil, she would have been even more cautious.

    Lysander’s handsome face darkened, a chilling anger emanating from him as he hung up the phone.

    Thalassa was left with a dial tone. All the words she wanted to say stuck in her throat, unable to be voiced.

    Lysander’s attitude had become so cold that he wouldn’t even speak to her.

    What was she to do?

    Lysander hung up the phone, exhaling a breath filled with anger.

    The hem of his pants was gently pulled.

    He looked down to see Sophia’s innocent face, her wide, frightened eyes looking up at him.

    “Daddy, did I do something wrong? Why did the police take Evelyn away after she hugged me? Where did Great-Grandma go after she fell? I miss Mommy…”

    Sophia started strong, but as she continued speaking, she couldn’t hold back her tears. Her lips trembled as she tried to hold back her sobs.

    Seeing her so vulnerable, Lysander felt a pang in his heart. He bent down, lifting her tiny frame into his arms, gently wiping away her tears with his thumb.

    “You did nothing wrong, Sophia. It’s the adults who are at fault. Play with your siblings in the playroom for a while. Then it’s bath time and bed. Don’t overthink things, okay?” Lysander’s voice was soft and comforting.

    But his words didn’t seem to have any effect.

    Sophia was a clever girl, sensitive and timid, always clinging to her mother. The sight of the police taking Evelyn away from the Sinclair’s house had scared her, leaving her unable to calm down.

    Sophia sobbed, “I don’t want to sleep here. I want Mommy…


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