Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    Chapter 621

    Their footsteps passed by Thalassa, heavy with an icy wind that cut across her face, sharp and cold.

    Thalassa watched as they walked away, her gaze trailing their footprints until they were lost from sight.

    Tears filled her eyes as she stared blankly at the then-deserted corridor.

    A pair of leather shoes approached. Stopping beside her, a man’s voice rang out, “Ms. Everhart, may I assist you?”

    Thalassa turned her stiff neck to look at the man. It was David.

    With a dry swallow, she managed to get out, “I can do it… on my own…”

    Her voice came out raspy, a sharp pain lacing every word. The force with which Lysander had just choked her could have easily been fatal. Thalassa tried to stand, her hands pressing against the cold floor, but her legs were numb and weak, causing her to crumble back down.

    David bent down to help her, but as he extended his hand, Thalassa managed to rise, using the wall for support.

    David retracted his hand and said, “Ms. Everhart, it’s getting late. You should go home.”

    With that, he left.

    Thalassa stood still, her legs shaking slightly as she stared at the silent corridor.

    The doctor’s words about letting the elderly rest in peace echoed in her mind, causing her heart to ache with a pain that made breathing difficult.

    She leaned against the wall, taking one shaky step after another towards the exit.

    Step by step, she moved towards the hospital entrance, only to see Lysander’s sleek black Rolls-Royce drive off, followed by an ambulance.

    Without a doubt, inside that ambulance was Sybil’s body, which was on its way to the Sinclair’s house.

    Thalassa’s mind was a whirlwind of confusion. She called a cab and headed to the police station.

    There, she saw Evelyn, just finished with her interrogation.

    Evelyn’s hands were cuffed. Her usually composed face was panicked and disoriented, a mix of fear and shock.

    With trembling hands, she held onto Thalassa’s. “Thalassa,” she sobbed, “you have to believe me. I didn’t do anything. I was just trying to convince Sybil to accept you, to persuade Lysander to marry you, to give our children a complete family. I swear, I never pushed her. You have to believe me, Thalassa.”

    Thalassa’s heart weighed heavy as she managed to croak out, “Mom, why were you at the Sinclair’s house?”

    Evelyn’s eyes flashed with panic as she hurriedly explained, “I wanted to see the children, to pick them up from nursery, but when I arrived, Sybil was there, too. The teachers recognized her and handed the children over to her. In a moment of kindness, she invited me to join them at her home. I thought it was a good opportunity to discuss things with Lysander’s family, so I accepted the invitation.”

    “But I never would have gone if I knew this would happen,” she added, her voice filled with regret.

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