Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    Chapter 619

    Thalassa stood on the side of the road, watching as Evelyn’s cries grew distant.

    Thalassa’s breath trembled, her body shaking slightly.

    What had happened?

    She didn’t have time to dwell on it. She hailed a cab and hurried to the Sinclair’s house but was stopped at the checkpoint halfway up the hill.

    “No one’s allowed in. Get lost!” The security guard was firm and not open to negotiation.

    Thalassa felt as lost as a leaf in the wind, pacing back and forth restlessly.

    She dialed Lysander’s number, but it was busy.

    It was clear. Lysander had blocked her!

    What was happening?

    Where were the children? How was Grandma Sybil?

    All the unknowns and worries gnawed at Thalassa’s heart.

    She paced nervously for a while before deciding to call David.

    The phone connected, and with each ring, her heart tightened.

    “Ms. Everhart.” David’s voice came from the other end.

    Thalassa started, her voice tense, “David, where’s Lysander?”

    “Starhaven Hospital.” David replied.

    Thalassa rushed to the hospital, sprinting down the long emergency corridor.

    She saw Lysander’s tall figure standing in the doorway of the emergency room. His back was cold and hard, his tall body exuding a powerful sense of urgency.

    Thalassa’s steps slowed as she approached Lysander. He was aloof and oppressive, making it difficult for her even to breathe.

    Her hands and legs trembled slightly as she looked at Lysander’s dark, icy face.

    “Grandma Sybil, she… um…”

    Before she could finish her sentence, a hand clasped around her throat, suffocating her.

    She was slammed against the wall, a groan escaping her lips.

    Lysander’s eyes glared at her, seething with rage as if he wanted to tear her apart.

    “You have no right to mention my grandmother! Thalassa, you shouldn’t have shown up. I’ll kill you!”

    His voice was cold and ruthless, like a demon from hell, his handsome face taut with anger.

    Thalassa couldn’t breathe, her face turning blue. She tried to pry his hand off her neck, but her strength was insignificant compared to his.

    She gasped for air, her face turning red, her legs kicking helplessly.

    Hearing the commotion, David urgently reminded, “Mr. Sinclair, Ms. Everhart is really dying.”

    Lysander’s gaze never left Thalassa’s pained expression. His breath was heavy, and after a moment’s hesitation, he released her.

    Thalassa slid down the wall to the floor.

    “Cough, cough…” She coughed violently as fresh air rushed into her lungs.

    She rubbed her sore throat, filled with the fear and pain of a narrow escape.

    Lysander clenched his jaw, his cheeks moving with the effort. His angry eyes never left Thalassa.

    Watching her suffer, his fists clenched, veins popping on the back of his hands.

    Suddenly, the door to the emergency room swung open, and a doctor stepped out.

    David quickly asked, “Doctor, how’s Sybil?”

    Lysander’s icy gaze also shifted to the doctor.


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