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    Chapter 618

    “What’s going on? Where are you?” Thalassa questioned anxiously.

    “I… I’m at… ah!” Evelyn’s voice was choked with tears, and before she could finish her sentence, her phone was knocked out of her hand.

    Thalassa held her phone. The other end was filled with chaotic noise.

    Simply hearing it was enough to know it was urgent, Thalassa’s heart pounded, her voice tense and desperate. “Mom, where exactly are you? Can you still hear me?”

    “Throw her in the slammer!” A man’s voice echoed through the phone, sharp, cold, and violent.

    The voice struck Thalassa’s heart like a bolt of lightning, her heart racing.


    was Lysander’s voice. She recognized it. He sounded furious, commanding his bodyguards to take Evelyn to the jail.

    Then, Evelyn’s cries came intermittently through the phone, her voice growing fainter and fainter.

    Thalassa’s heart tightened in fear.

    What had happened?

    Why was Lysander so angry?

    Why was Evelyn being taken to jail?

    Thalassa was as frantic as a cat on a hot tin roof. She rushed out of the Crawley Group, intending to go to the scene.

    But she didn’t know where they were. She had to calm down.

    Thalassa took a deep breath, trying to piece together the situation.

    It was 5:30 p.m., and Evelyn was supposed to pick up the kids from school.

    So, had Evelyn and Lysander fought over the kids, provoking Lysander to take her to jail?

    In that case, the incident must have occurred at the preschool or the Royal Estates!

    Thalassa called their butler, Fitch, and asked him what had happened.

    Fitch replied, “The kids were picked up by Sybil and taken to the Sinclair’s house. They aren’t at the Royal Estates.”

    When Thalassa asked him if he knew what had happened, Fitch said he didn’t know.

    Without wasting any more time, Thalassa ordered her driver to hurry to the Sinclair’s house.

    Halfway there, Thalassa noticed a black vehicle ahead. Its presence was imposing, exuding an oppressive aura.

    Thalassa recognized it instantly. It was Lysander’s car.

    In her panic, Thalassa had the driver stop the car. She ran in front of the black Rolls-Royce and spread her arms.

    With a screech, the car came to a halt just inches from her. The sound of the tires grinding against the pavement was deafening.

    Thalassa opened her squeezed-shut eyes. The car stopped before her.

    She took a panicked breath, not having time to think. She ran to the car door, banging on the window. “Open the door. I need to talk.”

    The window rolled down, revealing two bodyguards holding Evelyn in the backseat. The driver occupied the front seat, and Lysander was nowhere to be seen.

    Seeing Thalassa, Evelyn’s face was streaked with tears as she cried out in desperation, “Thalassa, help me. I don’t want to go to jail. Save me…”

    Seeing the situation, Thalassa’s own heart lodged in her throat. She tried to stay calm and asked, “Mom, what happened? How did you upset Lysander?”

    Evelyn’s face paled, her voice trembling in fear, “It wasn’t me who pushed Sybil. I was just talking to her, trying to get her to accept you, to let Lysander marry you. I only went to the stairwell to help Sophia, who had fallen, and when I came back, Sybil was on the ground…”

    “What?” Thalassa’s mind went blank, her body numb from the shocking news.

    Grandma Sybil had an accident?

    Evelyn grabbed Thalassa’s hand, her grip strong but shaking, “Thalassa, it wasn’t me. It really wasn’t me. Please, save me…”

    “Ms. Everhart, we’re on a tight schedule. Please don’t obstruct,” one of the bodyguards inside the car said expressionlessly.

    The car then started moving.

    Evelyn clung to Thalassa’s hand, pleading through her tears for her to save her.

    Thalassa’s heart was pounding. She was frantic. She ran alongside the car for a while, but as the car’s speed increased, Evelyn was forced to let go of her hand.

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