Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    Chapter 617

    Thalassa threw a puzzled glance at Ethan. “Because of what happened yesterday?”

    Yesterday, both Betty and Anna put her into quite a pickle.

    No wonder Betty’s face clouded over when she heard what Ethan said.

    Thalassa had clearly explained to Ethan yesterday that, as a newbie at work, it was normal to get a hard time from the longer-serving employees. She could handle it.

    So why did Ethan fire Anna?

    “Thalassa, you really are a pushover. Anna spilled coffee on you yesterday, and you didn’t even raise your voice?” Ethan cast a scrutinizing gaze on her.

    Thalassa blinked. Was it because of the coffee incident with Anna?

    But Ethan wasn’t there at the time, so how did he know?

    Suddenly, Thalassa remembered that she had mentioned this to Lysander yesterday.

    Did Lysander get Anna fired?

    Would he bother with such trivial matters?

    Was he meddling because of her?

    Thalassa couldn’t believe it. “Mr. Ethan, you wouldn’t happen to have a habit of spying on the secretary’s office, would you? Do you know everything that happens there?”

    She still couldn’t believe that Lysander had a hand in this.

    Caught off guard by her question, Ethan chuckled. “I couldn’t care less about your wardrobe changes in the office. Don’t make me out to be some kind of creep.”

    “Then how…”

    “Lysander called me.”

    All of Thalassa’s questions got stuck in her throat.

    Even though she didn’t want to believe Ethan, she had to.

    Lysander had actually gotten Anna fired over a spilled cup of coffee.

    Was Lysander protecting her?

    Wasn’t he supposed to despise her and use her as his punching bag?

    A mix of emotions welled up in Thalassa. Being protected silently by someone was undoubtedly a blessing. But when that someone was Lysander, it left her feeling all over the place.

    She couldn’t figure out what Lysander was up to.

    “Snap out of it and get back to work. In the end, it all comes down to your performance.” Ethan saw Thalassa’s stunned expression and pointed her towards the door.

    Thalassa came back to her senses, picked up another set of files from the desk, and left the office.

    Back in the secretarial office, she noticed that Betty had engrossed herself in work.

    Discarding her thoughts, Thalassa began to focus on her own work.

    At half past eleven, Thalassa finished her work and was about to drop off the completed files in the CEO’s office.

    Betty chimed in. “I am going to drop some files off too; I can take yours.”

    After seeing a rare friendly smile on Betty’s strong face, Thalassa began to wonder if Ethan’s ticking off had made her want to make amends now.

    Thalassa wanted a harmonious relationship with her colleagues, so she politely smiled and nodded. “Thank you, Betty.”

    “You’re welcome.” Betty took her files and left.

    Five o’clock in the afternoon.

    After a long day, Thalassa was about to clock out when she received a call from Evelyn.

    “Thalassa, help me. They’re going to send me to jail! Help me!” Evelyn’s voice was panicked and helpless from the other end of the phone line.

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