Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    Chapter 616

    Evelyn was lost in thought when the bathroom door swung open behind her.

    She quickly tucked the bank card into her pocket and casually settled back down on the couch.

    “Mom, if you’re done eating, you should go take a shower and get some rest.” Thalassa suggested as she toweled off her damp hair as she made her way towards the dining table to clean up.

    Evelyn stopped her. “Thalassa, I haven’t seen the kids in a couple of days. I miss them. I want to visit them.”

    “Tomorrow, Mom. It’s late now, and they’re already asleep. You can pick them up from kindergarten tomorrow.”

    Evelyn nodded, but her mind was clearly elsewhere. “Alright, I understand.”

    The next morning, Thalassa awoke to find Evelyn still in bed. After whipping up some breakfast and grabbing a quick bite, she left for work.

    No sooner had Thalassa left than Evelyn emerged from her room, clutching the bank card with a serious and hesitant expression.

    Thalassa arrived at Crawley Electronics and walked into her office, inadvertently bumping into Anna, who was carrying a box.

    After a couple of awkward shuffle steps of trying to let each other pass, they both stopped and looked at each other face-to-face.

    Thalassa noticed Anna’s box filled with her belongings and asked, “Anna, what’s with the box? Are you getting a promotion?”

    Was she moving to a new office?

    Anna chuckled softly, her tone mocking as she replied, “You know, women should never rely on their looks to get by. Otherwise, they’ll be in for a nasty surprise. Mr. Ethan won’t take you seriously.”

    With a dazzlingly fake smile, Anna sidestepped Thalassa and left the office.

    Anna’s remark was clearly targeted at her, leaving Thalassa feeling a distinct tension in the air. Before she could respond, however, Anna had already walked away.

    After walking into the office, Thalassa discovered that Anna’s desk had been cleared out.

    Betty was propped up against her own desk with her arms crossed, watching the spectacle with a cool gaze.

    “Betty, where’s Anna going?” Thalassa asked, both curious and confused.

    “She got fired. Thalassa, I didn’t expect you to be in Mr. Ethan’s good graces so soon.” Betty replied coldly. Her eyes were filled with disdain.

    After saying that, she turned around, sat down at her desk, opened her computer, and got to work.

    Thalassa was taken aback.

    Was Anna’s termination related to her?

    Regardless, it was clear that both Anna and Betty believed that Anna lost her job because of her.

    Thalassa now understood what Anna meant by her comment. Did she think that she and Ethan were romantically involved?

    It was ridiculous. She had just gone on one business trip with Ethan, and people were already spreading rumors.

    Why would Ethan fire Anna?

    Thalassa was completely at a loss.

    Around ten in the morning, Thalassa and Betty were summoned to the CEO’s office.

    Ethan sat behind his desk. His handsome face was basking in the sunlight, projecting a warm and approachable aura.

    He slid two files across the desk to Thalassa and Betty, instructing them to finish the two files by lunchtime.

    “OK, Mr. Ethan.” Betty complied as she picked up the file.

    Thalassa didn’t rush to pick up hers. Instead, she hesitated and asked, “Mr. Ethan, did Anna do something wrong? Why was she fired?”

    She purposely asked in front of Betty, hoping to clear her name by having Ethan’s answer heard firsthand.

    She had no intention of shouldering blame that she didn’t deserve.

    “She lacked competence, never completed tasks on time, and only knew how to sweet-talk and make things difficult for her colleagues.”

    On hearing this, Betty’s face paled slightly. She nodded and left the office.

    Ethan’s answer didn’t seem to clarify anything for Thalassa. His remark about making things difficult for colleagues left room for people to believe that Anna’s termination had a lot to do with Thalassa.

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