Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 613

    After hearing the shock and anger in Thalassa’s voice, Evelyn defended herself, even though she sounded a bit guilty. “He owes me a fat three million. If I don’t keep an eye on him, he might take off.”

    “Never mind about the three million for now. Which hospital are you at? I’m coming to get you.” Thalassa expressed her worry that Evelyn might be swindled again.

    Evelyn was a straightforward, fiery spirit. She couldn’t easily handle a sly old fox like Bruce.

    “Never mind, then. Don’t come to pick me up. I’ll go home on my own.” Evelyn ended the call hastily.

    While lying in the hospital bed, Bruce observed her with his keen eyes. “So something is brewing with Thalassa and Lysander, eh?”

    Infuriated, Evelyn shot him a glance. “No! Lysander is from a wealthy family. He’s a high and mighty boss. My Thalassa is beneath his notice. The Sinclairs have made it clear that they won’t marry her off to him.”

    “Really?” Bruce’s face darkened at this.

    “Even if they won’t marry her, they should at least give Thalassa some kind of financial security. She’s had four kids for Lysander and has been a single mother for a while. Which man would dare to marry her now? Lysander has ruined her life, and he just leaves her high and dry?” Bruce voiced out his indignation.

    His words struck a chord with Evelyn. She felt aggrieved on behalf of her daughter.

    “Then what can I do if others won’t marry her?” Evelyn was exasperated, but more than that, she felt a sense of helplessness.

    “Oh, it’s all my fault. I couldn’t provide a stable home for you and Thalassa. If a girl has a complete family and a father to lean on, she won’t be treated like this.” Bruce sighed.

    Tears welled up in Evelyn’s eyes. Angrily, she hit him a few times. “You have the nerve to say that! If it weren’t for your betrayal, would I have ended up like this? Would Thalassa have ended up like this?”

    As she hit him, tears streamed down her face.

    Bruce gently held her hand, looking deeply into her eyes. “Evelyn, you’re the one I truly love. I had my reasons back then.”

    “What reasons?” Evelyn felt a flutter in her heart as he held her hand warmly.

    “In fact, I lied to you. I was already married before I met you. I didn’t know what love was until I met you. Love can make a person lose himself. It can make you do anything without regrets just to be with the one you love, even if it means being misunderstood by the whole world.” Bruce held her hand tighter as he placed it over his heart. “Listen, this heart has been beating for you all along.”

    Evelyn could feel his heartbeat. Her heart, which had been lonely all her life, seemed to be rekindled by his heartbeat.

    She loved Bruce deeply. That was why she was so heartbroken when she found out about Bruce’s betrayal. She had been afraid of men for a long time. She was afraid of being deceived and hurt ever since.

    She loved him too much, so the hurt he caused her ran deep.

    The reason she never married was partly because she couldn’t let go of Bruce.

    She did not pull her hand back. With a puzzled look, she asked, “You were already married before? Then who was the one you betrayed me with?”

    “She was a wealthy woman. I was after her money, not her. I got close to her to get some money for the divorce. Once I divorced her, I’d be single and could be with you without any restrictions. I just wanted to earn a quick buck through the divorce, then leave that she-devil at home and marry you. But you broke up with me angrily when you found out I had connections with someone else.”

    Bruce gently held Evelyn’s hand while looking deep into her eyes as he spoke these words that were seemingly coming from the heart.

    Was everything he had done years ago all for her?

    Once he noticed that Evelyn believed him and saw that her eyes were full of affection, Bruce realized that he could manipulate her as long as she loved him.

    Bruce kissed her hand gently. “For you, I took countless beatings from that she-devil at home. She’s a terrifying woman who would only divorce me if I could afford the alimony. I was helpless.”

    Evelyn fell into a daze once his lips touched her hand. It felt like she was being transported back to her youth. It seemed that her sweet days of love were coming back to her.

    Her entire being was immersed in this sweetness. “If you wanted to divorce her so badly, weren’t you doing well in your job? Couldn’t you just pay her off?”

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