Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 612

    On the way home, the four kids were sprawled out on the backseat. Their seat belts were the only thing keeping them from toppling over each other in their slumber.

    Thalassa was in the passenger seat, and Lysander was behind the wheel.

    Thalassa would sneak glances at Lysander every now and then, curious about his conversation with Zephyr. But his stern profile put her off, and she swallowed her questions.

    When they got home, Lysander carried each of the kids to their beds. It was already past six in the evening, and they were likely to sleep straight through until the morning.

    “I’ll be going now. I have work tomorrow.” Thalassa told Lysander, who had just emerged from the kids’ rooms.

    His intense gaze made her feel a sudden sense of danger, and a strange pressure began building in her chest.

    “I’ll be going now.” She quickly said while heading for the door, as if he were afraid of being held back.

    Upon reaching the courtyard, she glanced back to find that Lysander hadn’t followed. She finally let out a sigh of relief.

    Their chauffeur had just returned. He had driven them to the Sinclair’s house, and because there were too many of them for one car, Lysander had driven the Sinclair’s car back, leaving the chauffeur to bring their car home.

    Upon seeing the chauffeur arrive, Thalassa asked politely, “Could you give me a lift home?”

    She was relieved when he hesitated. “Lysander…”

    “He knows I’m leaving. I’ve told him,” Thalassa assured him. She knew the chauffeur was worried about getting in trouble for helping her leave. Lysander’s property without permission.

    Finally, the chauffeur nodded and gestured for her to get in.

    Thalassa returned to Vibrant Oasis Residences to find Evelyn still out. Concerned, she called her.

    “Thalassa, what’s up?” Evelyn’s tired voice came over the phone.

    “I’m home. Where are you?” Thalassa asked.

    “You’re just getting back? Why did it take you two days? Have you been with Lysander again?” Evelyn asked, sounding helpless and tired.

    “I’m fine. I was just visiting the kids. But where are you? You don’t sound too good.” Thalassa sounded concerned.

    “I’m fine. I’m just at the hospital taking care of an old friend.”

    “Which old friend?” Thalassa asked, then came to a sudden realization. “Are you still with Bruce?”

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