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    The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 611

    Previously, he had made a three-month pact with Lysander, oblivious to the fact that Thalassa had borne Lysander four children.

    Now, as the mother of Lysander’s children, their relationship had evolved into a far more intricate web. It was no longer a string that could be severed at will.

    Yet the thought of Thalassa marrying Lysander was something Zephyr was reluctant to accept.

    Lysander remained silent, and his eyes became unreadable.

    Zephyr sighed heavily. “I don’t want your children to grow up without their mother, but Thalassa is not suitable enough to join our family. She deceived you just to get the secretary position at your side. She even framed Faye for selling your company’s design plans. On top of that, she used her position to embezzle a billion dollars from the Sinclair Group. She was planning to abscond with all of it! This kind of greedy, scheming woman is just too despicable. If she marries you, I fear she will bring disaster upon you.”

    This brutal lesson of Zephyr’s second son, Barnett Sinclair, still had fresh in his memory. His life had been ruined because of his ill-chosen spouse, which had left Lysander an orphan since his early childhood.

    Growing up in an environment devoid of parental care inevitably left Lysander with a psychological void.

    Lysander’s aloof, reclusive personality and his indifference towards women were all born from the lack of parental love he suffered in his early life.

    Zephyr had always felt sorry for Lysander.

    No matter what he or Sybil did, they could never replace the love of a parent.

    Lysander lifted his gaze to Zephyr, his voice serious as he explained, “Faye’s family told you that it was Thalassa who framed Faye? Whether you believe it or not, Faye did sell the Sinclair Group’s design plans to the Thorne Group, all in an attempt to frame Thalassa and put her behind bars. The evidence is irrefutable; even the CEO of the Thorne Group has admitted that the plans were given to him by Faye.”

    “What?” Zephyr was shocked. It was the first time he and Lysander had openly discussed the matter. “Why would Faye frame Thalassa? It doesn’t make sense.”

    “Faye knew long before that Thalassa was the woman I was looking for and lied, telling me she was dead. Who would have thought that Thalassa would end up working for me? Fearing that her lie would be exposed, Faye did everything she could to get Thalassa out of the picture, preferably never to be seen by me again.”

    Zephyr was taken aback. He had not anticipated such a turn of events.

    “And what about the billion dollars?”

    “It was my son, Atticus, who used his hacking skills to steal it. He thought Thalassa owed me a billion and wanted to repay it for her.”

    Lysander had previously assumed that Thalassa had conspired with someone to embezzle a billion from his company and then run away.

    He had been bitterly disappointed and deeply disgusted with her.

    He had severed ties with her, denying her access to their children.

    He had wanted her to feel so much pain that she wished she were dead.

    Only after learning the truth did he realize that he had misunderstood her.

    In fact, she had returned every single penny of the billion dollars back to him.

    She was not a woman who was blinded by greed.

    “Atticus is so young, yet he’s so technologically advanced.” Zephyr could not help but exclaim in awe. His aged eyes were now looking weary. “It seems I have misjudged Thalassa. So, do you plan to marry her?”

    By that account, Lysander had won their three-month wager.

    They had agreed to give Lysander three months to discern Thalassa’s true nature.

    If she turned out like Lysander’s mother, a woman driven by greed and deceit, Lysander was to kick her out of his life.

    But if she proved to be a good woman, then Zephyr would no longer interfere in their affairs. If Lysander wanted to marry her, he wouldn’t object.

    Now that the matter had been settled, Zephyr was curious to know Lysander’s stance.

    Zephyr stared at Lysander, awaiting his answer.

    Lysander met Zephyr’s gaze with his own deep-set eyes.

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