Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 610

    While Faye was waiting for a spectacle, Thalassa was as tense as a tightly wound spring, afraid that Elowen might be hurt or upset.

    Lysander opened his mouth, biting into the small cream puff Elowen had held to his lips. After a small pause, he began to praise it in his deep voice. “Delicious. My daughter knows my taste best.”

    The sweet scent of milk wafted from the little one, reminding him of Thalassa. It was similar to the comforting aroma he’d noticed when he’d kissed her.

    She had lied to him, saying she’d been drinking milk, but it wasn’t until he found his four children that he connected the dots. The sweet smell was because Thalassa spent every day with the four little ones; each of them exuded the comforting scent of milk.

    It was a heartwarming scent.

    “Of course, I’m Daddy’s little muffin.” Elowen’s joy was evident in her squinted eyes and beautiful dimples that appeared on her cheeks when she smiled.

    The way she said “little muffin” was so sweet and adorable that it could melt even the iciest of hearts.

    Seeing this, Thalassa’s tension and worry were replaced by overwhelming joy and emotion.

    She was happy for Elowen, who was clearly loved by her father.

    She was also touched by Elowen’s sweet, innocent smile.

    All the injustice she’d faced from Faye and Zephyr seemed to be healed by this one moment, turning the tables in their favor.

    The best retaliation was to be surrounded by those who cared about you and your happiness.

    Faye had wanted to see Elowen fail. She wanted to see her upset and crying. That would have been satisfying for her.

    But to her surprise, Lysander, who usually didn’t have a sweet tooth, actually ate the cream puff Elowen fed him and even praised her for understanding him.

    Wasn’t this a slap in her face?

    Faye’s face turned pale, and her limbs went numb from the shock.

    She felt like she was the clown in this scenario..

    Zephyr, who had been annoyed with Lysander’s behavior, felt his anger dissipate at the sight of Lysander’s affectionate interaction with his daughter, Elowen.

    It was like when he’d discovered his study in disarray, his temples were throbbing in irritation. Until the butler reminded him that the children were just having fun, all his annoyance had instantly evaporated.

    Indeed, the innocence of children had a healing effect.

    He gave Faye an out. “Faye, sit; let’s eat. This is a family meal, not a formal dinner. Relax, be casual.”

    He was suggesting that Faye stop trying to take care of Lysander and just focus on her own meal.

    Having been disregarded, Faye naturally toned down a bit. She nodded and sat down to eat.

    Afterward, the dining table was quiet. Everyone focused on their meals without further conversation.

    After lunch, Faye found an excuse to leave.

    Lysander was ready to leave with Thalassa and the kids, but Zephyr called him into his study for a talk.

    Thalassa went downstairs with Grandma Sybil to be with the children.

    The study had been cleaned up by the maids. Some items had been damaged beyond repair and had to be discarded.

    Zephyr sat behind his desk, while Lysander sat opposite him. Both of them were looking serious.

    Zephyr started. “Lysander, what are you thinking? Are you really planning to stay with Thalassa?”

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