Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 608

    Zephyr gazed at his once orderly and calming study, which was now in a state of chaos.

    His desk stamp was on the floor, smearing red ink all over the desk. Blank A4 papers were scattered everywhere, each one marked with his stamp. The children had treated his professional stamp as a toy.

    Books were tossed here and there.

    His carefully categorized books were all over the floor, with just a few left on the shelves.

    Even the contracts that were on his desk were strewn about with the books and were innocently lying on the floor. Some folders were even empty.

    His precious contracts were scattered everywhere. Most importantly, different contracts were all mixed together, with not a single one intact.

    He had noticed that the children were playing downstairs, but Zephyr had thought they were only tossing a few books around.

    After seeing this, Zephyr felt an instant headache coming on.

    He had thought that allowing the children to play in his study would allow them to find books they liked and cultivate their talents.

    However, who would have thought that these four small beings could cause such destruction?

    Upon seeing his once orderly study turned into a junkyard, Zephyr’s face darkened, and his hawk-like gaze fell on the butler.

    The butler nervously explained, “I saw the young masters and mistresses playing so cheerfully. I didn’t want to disturb them and make them cry, so I didn’t stop them.”

    After all, these were Lysander’s children, and it was their first time at the Sinclair’s house. They had to make a good impression on the children and not upset them.

    Zephyr took a deep breath, suppressing his irritation, and waved his hand. “Let it be. Have someone clean it up.”

    “Yes, sir.” The butler nodded in response.

    At lunchtime.

    On the rectangular dining table, the four children occupied one side, while Zephyr and Sybil sat on the other.

    Lysander and Thalassa sat on the same narrow side, with Faye seated opposite.

    The atmosphere at the table was somewhat strange.

    Thalassa never imagined that she would be dining with Faye one day.

    Compared to the adults’ deep thoughts, the children were much more straightforward and ate cheerfully.

    Little Elowen clumsily held her spoon as she scooped pieces of cake into her mouth, one mouthful at a time.

    Dessert was her favorite.

    Her face was smeared with cream, making her look like a little kitten.

    Sophia ate slower, but from the way she was eating spoonful after spoonful, it was clear she enjoyed the meal.

    Atticus and Dorian ate at a steady pace, appearing more mature.

    Sybil watched the four little ones eat adorably. Her eyes filled with an indulgence and her face never ceasing to smile.

    Zephyr retained his solemn expression.

    “Eat up; don’t be shy. Faye, you should eat more. Consider this your home; feel free here.”

    Zephyr was considerate of Faye’s feelings, so he spoke to her in a gentle tone.

    Faye smiled politely and nodded. “Thank you, Zephyr. I’ll try.”

    With that, she picked up her fork and started eating.

    She glanced at Thalassa across the table. Zephyr had told her to consider this her home and not to be shy, but he hadn’t said a single word to Thalassa.

    This indicated that in Zephyr’s heart, her status was higher than Thalassa’s.

    Even if Thalassa was recognized as Lysander’s wife, she would not be recognized by Zephyr.

    On this point, Faye completely surpassed Thalassa. Faye’s gaze towards Thalassa was filled with defiance. This was the significance of her staying for lunch.

    Thalassa looked up, meeting Faye’s gaze. The emotion in Faye’s eyes made her uncomfortable with just one glance.

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