Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 607

    Kids sure have a magical cure for everything.

    “Mommy!” Dorian was playing with his sisters when he spotted Thalassa standing downstairs through the gap in the banister. He shouted excitedly and toddled towards the staircase.

    The other three little tykes perked up at the sound of “Mommy!”, their innocent eyes darting around until they landed on Thalassa.

    The moment they saw her, their eyes sparkled with joy and their chubby faces broke into smiles.

    The other three little ones also shouted in unison, “Mommy!”

    Their small yet excited voices echoed through the grand foyer as they all began to race downstairs.

    Sophia, the smallest of the bunch, toppled over in the rush and landed on the staircase.

    “Sophia, be careful!” Thalassa’s heart skipped a beat.

    Lysander let go of Thalassa’s hand and stepped forward, worry written all over his face.

    But before he could reach her, Sophia dusted herself off and began to descend the stairs, gripping the banister tightly for support.

    Seeing that, Lysander paused and watched as the three little munchkins cheerfully scampered towards Thalassa.

    “Mommy, you’re here. Are they really our great-grandma and great-grandpa?” Dorian clung to Thalassa’s jeans, his big eyes filled with curiosity as he looked at Zephyr and Sybil.

    Sybil maintained a warm and gentle smile, while Zephyr, though his face was stern, had soft eyes.

    “Yeah, Mommy, they said there would be lots of yummy food here. But I haven’t had anything yet,” Elowen tugged at Thalassa’s other pant leg, her face a picture of adorable disappointment. She had only agreed to come because of the promise of food, and she had yet to get any.

    Atticus stood by Thalassa, craning his neck to look up at her, his eyes full of adoration.

    Sophia, the slowest, arrived last. She leaned against Thalassa, seeking comfort.

    Thalassa looked down at her four little munchkins, their eyes full of love for her, and her heart melted.

    In a soft voice, she answered their questions, “Yes, they are. They are your father’s grandparents. And Elowen, don’t worry. There will be plenty of delicious food soon. Can you wait a little longer?”

    “Okay, Mommy. I trust you.” Elowen rubbed her chubby face against Thalassa’s leg, leaving a trail of snot on her jeans.

    Thalassa couldn’t help but laugh. She walked over to the end table to grab some tissues, noticing Zephyr watching them.

    Ignoring his gaze, she wiped Elowen’s nose clean.

    “Come sit down and relax for a bit.” Lysander picked up two of the kids and headed for the couch.

    His deep voice drew the other two over, his gaze inviting Thalassa to join them.

    He wanted her to sit to avoid the awkwardness of standing with nowhere to rest her arms.

    Understanding his gesture, Thalassa joined them on the couch.

    Worried the kids might get bored, Lysander pulled out his phone and handed it to Atticus, letting him entertain his siblings.

    Originally, he had planned to leave with the kids immediately.

    However, Elowen’s eagerness to try the Sinclair’s mansion special dishes convinced him to stay for dinner.

    Upstairs, Zephyr entered his study. The sight of the room in disarray made him pause, his body tensing up.

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