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    Tangled in His Obsession Series Novel Chapter 424

    As long as Valerio was happy, Seraphina could forget about everything else.

    At that moment, Leandro also set aside everything else, focusing solely on how Seraphina and Valerio were eating.

    For a moment, the three of them seemed to have returned to their old ways, sharing the food in front of them with intimacy.

    Just as they were enjoying their meal, the door to the room was pushed open and Herman walked in, holding some fruit.

    Seeing him, Seraphina paused, “I thought Andrea went to get the fruit. Why are you the one bringing it back?”

    For some reason, Herman’s face seemed a little heavy. He paused for a moment before answering, “She had something come up, so she left.”

    Upon hearing this, Seraphina acknowledged it with a nod before turning her attention back to Herman, “Is everything okay?”

    “It’s fine.” Herman put the fruits on the coffee table before walking over to the bed to check on Valerio’s injury, “How are you doing? Are you okay?”

    Valerio immediately put on a brave face, indicating that he was fine.

    Herman laughed softly at this but soon after, his laughter faded and he seemed lost in thought.

    Both Leandro and Seraphina noticed his reaction, sharing a look but not saying anything.

    Herman talked with Valerio for a while, but his mind was clearly elsewhere, and he soon left again.

    At that time, both Leandro and Seraphina were preoccupied and didn’t bother asking him anything.

    By evening, the results of Valerio’s various tests were out, showing that apart from the injury on his hand, there were no other wounds.

    Only then did Seraphina truly relax, although Valerio’s hand injury was enough to worry her for a while.

    However, due to the seriousness of the situation, the doctors requested that Valerio stay in the hospital for observation overnight.

    Staying overnight at the hospital meant there was a lot to prepare, and as Seraphina was on the phone with the housekeeper discussing what to bring to the hospital, the door to the room was pushed open and Bruce walked in.

    Leandro was sitting by Valerio’s bed, reading some company work. Hearing the sound, he looked up and his gaze darkened slightly upon seeing Bruce.

    Half a day had passed since the incident and Bruce was only now arriving at the hospital. Realizing that he was probably a bit late, he cleared his throat somewhat awkwardly before asking, “How’s Valerio?”

    Valerio looked up at him, indicating that he was fine.

    Bruce stepped forward, examining Valerio’s wound before patting Valerio’s head and saying, “As long as you’re okay.”

    He paused for a moment before turning to Seraphina and speaking in a low voice, “Sera, I’d like to have a word with you.”

    Before Seraphina could respond, Leandro stood up and put down his documents, “She needs to stay with Valerio. Whatever you want to discuss with her, discuss it with me.”

    Bruce looked from Seraphina to Leandro and nodded, “Well.”

    Leandro accompanied Bruce out of the room and they walked to the end of the corridor, stopping near a window around the corner before Leandro asked, “What did you want to talk about?”

    “I actually wanted to talk about your mother.” Bruce said, “Sera is quite angry about this, isn’t she?”

    “She is.” Leandro confirmed.

    “So what are you planning to do?”

    Upon hearing this question, Leandro looked at him and slowly returned the question, “What are you planning to do?”

    Hearing this, Bruce’s brow furrowed slightly before he said, “You know, I didn’t want anything bad to happen to your mother either.”

    “Hasn’t enough already happened?” Leandro retorted.

    “I know you blame me.” Bruce said, “But you have to understand, if I had shown up in front of your mother when those things happened, it would only have made her more agitated. The more she saw me, the worse it would get!”

    “So what about this time?” Leandro asked, “This time you took initiative to show up-was it because you didn’t want her to get into trouble, or because you didn’t want her troubles to affect the Reynolds family?”

    Bruce turned his face away slightly, “If you insist on seeing it that way, there’s nothing I can do.”

    All Leandro did in response was let out a cold laugh.

    Bruce then asked, “What would you like me to do?”

    “If you could do nothing, that would be enough.” Leandro said, “I’ll handle my mother’s situation myself.” With that, Leandro turned to leave.

    Bruce let out a sigh that sounded almost like a sigh of resignation before saying, “I just don’t want to see a rift form between you and Sera because of her. Let me handle this matter. It could provide you and Sera with another option.”

    “No need.” Leandro responded without looking back, “Neither of us would believe in such self-deceit.”


    Just as Leandro was about to return to the room, his phone rang. It was a call from Keen.

    “Mr. Reynolds, your mother has been released from the police station.” Keen said, “Her emotional state is very unstable. The police didn’t manage to get much out of her, but the evidence at the scene is conclusive. Plus, there’s your wife’s testimony, so the facts are pretty clear. However, given the expert’s evaluation of her mental state, the prosecution is unlikely to take any action. From what I can tell, she won’t be held responsible.”

    Leandro merely responded with a noncommittal hum with no emotions.

    Meanwhile, Seraphina also received news from the police in the ward.

    That Gloria would be released from the police station was something she had expected; That Gloria’s mental state would be used as a point of argument was also something she had expected.

    The nature of the incident wasn’t particularly severe to begin with, so Seraphina had predicted this outcome from the start. But even though she had anticipated all of this, seeing Valerio sitting on the hospital bed, she still felt a sense of unease.

    After hanging up the phone, Seraphina gathered Valerio, who was looking at a picture book, into her arms.

    “Are you still scared?” she asked softly.

    Valerio was engrossed in his comic book when he heard Seraphina’s question. He seemed to ponder over it for a while before shaking his head softly.

    Seraphina always prided herself on knowing her son well, but at this moment, she couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth.

    “Talk to mommy if you’re scared,” she said. “Never lie to mommy, okay?”

    Upon hearing this, Valerio looked up at her for a moment before slowly nodding.

    The terrifying events of the day were too much for his young mind to process, and the fear wasn’t going to dissipate within a short span.

    Seraphina felt a sharp twinge of pain in her chest.

    “You won’t see your grandma anymore,” Seraphina promised, hugging him tightly. “She won’t appear before you again, alright?”

    Leandro walked into the room just as Seraphina was saying this.

    Clearly, this was the kind of assurance Valerio was hoping for, as he quickly nodded.

    Seraphina studied Valerio’s innocent face for a moment before finally looking up at Leandro who was standing at the door.

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