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    Reborn Reawakened Rekindled Chapter 432

    “Awesome! Can I play video games at your house?” Hiram asked, excitement lighting up his face despite the fresh wound on it.

    Ever since his mother, Karina, had been spending more time with Ryan and Faith, she had been stricter with Hiram, not allowing him as much gaming time as before.

    So the prospect of playing games at my house was clearly a thrill for him.

    I didn’t answer him directly, but merely led him out of the hospital and drove him home.

    Throughout the ride, Hiram chattered away with Serena and Brandon. His English was getting more fluent by the day, and for some reason, my two little ones loved listening to him talk.

    Once we reached home, I quickly unloaded the stroller and placed Serena and Brandon in it, with Hiram eagerly lending a hand.

    “Over there are some toys. Go and have some fun,” I said, pointing to a corner of the living room where I had stashed some toys for Serena and Brandon.

    Hiram shook his head. “I don’t want toys, Grandma and Grandpa have bought me lots. Ms. Finch, I want to play video games, or maybe watch some cartoons!”

    I had to look after three kids all by myself, and Norah was busy cooking, so I didn’t have time to play games with Hiram. I turned on the TV to a cartoon he liked, then went to change Serena and Brandon’s diapers.

    With the cartoon playing, Hiram was quite well-behaved. He would even tease the three babies from time to time, creating a harmonious atmosphere. It was not until mealtime that I noticed a problem.

    “Hiram, turn off the TV. It’s time to eat,” I called, scooping a small bowl of food for him.

    But Hiram didn’t budge, completely engrossed in the cartoon.

    Norah also tried, “Hiram, come eat. Watching TV for too long is bad for your eyes!”

    He ignored us both.

    I finally walked up and turned the TV off.

    Hiram immediately started throwing a tantrum. “I don’t want to eat! I want to watch TV!”

    “You need to eat! Look how thin you are! You need food to grow tall and strong!” I admonished him sternly.

    “No! Mommy said I can grow tall and strong even without eating! I want to watch cartoons, turn it back on!” Hiram started crying and threw himself on the floor.

    Despite his tantrum, I knew better than to give in to a child’s whims. I ignored him and went to have my meal, hoping he would calm down when he realized no one was paying him any attention.

    But I underestimated Hiram’s stubbornness. He continued crying, scaring the other three into joining him. The living room was filled with the sound of crying, creating a chaotic atmosphere.

    Norah and I rushed to soothe the trio, eventually putting them to bed in the bedroom to rest.

    Left alone with Hiram in the living room, I was at a loss. He was still throwing a fit, acting as if the world would end if he didn’t get his way.

    “Hiram, are you going to get up?” I finally threatened to call his mother, “If you don’t, I will call your mommy!”

    Hearing his mother’s name, Hiram stopped crying. But instead of looking scared, he looked defiant. “Good, call my mommy. She won’t make me eat. I can drink soda!”

    I found it odd. Karina was a doctor, and she knew Hiram had a sensitive stomach. Why would she allow him to skip meals and drink soda?

    “Will you eat if I let you watch TV after the meal?” I tried to bargain.

    “I don’t want to eat; the food is yucky!” Hiram refused and began to cry again, “I want mommy. I don’t want to eat. You’re a mean lady, forcing me to eat!”

    After about ten more minutes of this, I was drained. I tried calling Neil for advice, but he didn’t answer, even after three attempts.

    Just as I was feeling helpless, the doorbell rang. Thinking it might be Mitch, I peeked through the peephole and was surprised to see Karina.

    Karina looked upset. I didn’t want to let her in, but I had no choice since Hiram was in my house.

    “Ms. Finch, where’s my son?” Karina asked, her tone fraught with displeasure. She barged into the living room without waiting for my response.

    Seeing Karina, Hiram immediately jumped up from the floor, his face injury very visible.

    I followed Karina into the living room, intending to explain about Hiram refusing to eat, but she had already pulled Hiram into her arms, inspecting his face with worry. “Hiram, what happened to your face?”

    Had Neil not told her Hiram’s bruise?

    If not, how did she know he was here?

    “I…,” Hiram started, but then fell silent at the sight of Karina.


    In her frustration, Karina turned on me, one hand holding Hiram, the other pointing at me accusingly. “Ms. Finch, are you kidnapping children? Do you realize that?”

    I was taken aback, how had I suddenly become a kidnapper?

    “Dr. Karina, didn’t Neil tell you what happened?” I asked, furrowing my brows.

    “He’s so tied up; I can’t even get a hold of him! If it weren’t for Hiram sending me his location, I wouldn’t even know he’s at your place!”

    When it came to her child, Karina’s stance was a lot firmer than usual. There was none of the usual composure, but rather a sense of anxiety and


    So it was Hiram who had sent the location to Karina. My heart sank. Neil sure had landed me in a big pickle.

    I decided to let Hiram explain himself, “Hiram, why don’t you tell your mom what happened, okay? How did you get that bruise on your face and how did you end up at my place?”

    If I were to explain, Karina would never believe me.


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