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    My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2256

    “That’s not the present. The present is a tie,” Shirley said, blushing. Clutching the underwear in her hand, she didn’t know what else to say. The gift that the cashier mentioned is actually a pair of men’s underwear!

    Equally stunned, Zacharias then burst into laughter. He picked up the tie and admired it before extending his hand at her, demanding, “Give me the underwear, too.”

    “N-No!” She hid the underwear behind her back. “I’m giving it to my father.”

    “You’ve already bought it. Why won’t you give it to me?” he grumbled.

    “This is a free gift,” she explained, blushing.

    “I want to wear it,” he demanded, extending his hand at her. This time, her face was a bright red. An underwear as a birthday gift? It sounds like an ambiguous relationship, no matter how I look at it!

    “You’ve already brought it back. Why won’t you just give it to me?” he asked with quizzical, narrowed eyes.

    Shirley contemplated for a second before handing over the underwear into his hand. “Alright, you can have it.”

    Taking it from her, he then placed it into the bag and smiled. “I like the presents very much.”

    Staring at the huge cake, Shirley said, “I’m sending the cake to the dorm.”

    “Sure.” Zacharias nodded. After she packed the cake properly, she carried it outside and sent it to the dorm by car. Learning that it was Zacharias’ birthday today, Roy was delighted to share the cake with everyone else, too.

    Shirley asked Imogen over as well, and the latter took a slice of cake with her before they returned to the room.

    When the door closed, Imogen asked with a smile, “Shirley, are you the only one who celebrated Mr. Flintstone’s birthday with him?”

    As Imogen had already guessed it correctly, Shirley nodded and answered honestly, “Yeah, Mr. Flintstone didn’t invite his family over today.”

    “You’re so lucky to spend the evening alone with Mr. Vice President on his birthday! Spill the beans. Did anything interesting happen?” The eagerness to hear the latest gossip was written all over Imogen’s face.

    The little hiccup with the underwear came into Shirley’s mind, but she didn’t plan to share the story. So, she smiled and shook her head. “Nothing interesting happened. It was just a regular birthday celebration.”

    “Shirley, Mr. Flintstone is such a dreamboat. Aren’t you attracted to him even a little?” Imogen asked curiously. To that, Shirley shook her head. “No, he’s merely my superior.”

    “Are you sure? We’re such good friends, so don’t lie to me, okay?” Imogen pressed on. Nodding, Shirley assured, “I swear I’m not lying to you.”

    A grin spread across Imogen’s face. “You sure have my trust, but I’m different from you. The moment I first saw Mr. Flintstone, I felt my heart beating out of my chest.”

    Surprised and curious, Shirley asked, “Do you like Mr. Flintstone?”

    Imogen was honest and lowered her voice as she leaned closer to Shirley. “Keep this a secret, okay?”

    Hearing that as an answer, Shirley was sure that Imogen had fallen for Zacharias and nodded, “Alright, my lips are sealed.”

    “As you know, I’ve never fallen for anyone, but when I saw Mr. Flintstone for the first time, I understood what ‘love at first sight’ means.”

    Imogen’s eyes were filled with her adoration for Zacharias, and Shirley could read them so clearly. However, she didn’t expect that Imogen would develop romantic feelings for him.

    “Shirley, will you please keep it a secret for me? I’m just going to like him in the dark and won’t let it affect my work,” Imogen added, looking at her pleadingly.

    Shirley nodded her head earnestly. “You have my word.”

    Picking up the cake, Imogen then took a bite happily. “Mmm, it’s really sweet! I think it’s especially delicious because it’s Mr. Flintstone’s birthday cake.”

    “I don’t like it because it’s too sweet,” Shirley commented.

    “Looks like we like different types, Shirley,” Imogen pointed out.

    Images of the times when Zacharias was acting intimately with her appeared in Shirley’s mind, and her heart was unsettled. Just then, her phone beeped from receiving a message, and she took a glance; it was Zacharias urging her to return.

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