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    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3231

    Chapter 3231 Strange Method

    “Now, let’s get this started. Bring out all the necessary mystical herbs,” Jared told Jubilante, who was still staring intently at the Divine Cauldron.

    “Sure.” Jubilante nodded. Then, he ordered his men to bring out the various mystical herbs required to craft the Aksum Pill.

    However, the confidence that adorned Jubilante’s face earlier had vanished. Jared’s reveal of the Divine Cauldron had shaken Jubilante’s self-assurance. The Divine Cauldron was akin to Jared’s trump card; it unsettled Jubilante’s composure.

    “Jubilante, focus your mind. As long as you win, this guy is as good as dead, and the Divine Cauldron will be yours,” one of Jubilante’s subordinates approached and whispered, noticing Jubilante’s distracted state.

    Jubilante’s expression lit up at the idea, and he cast another covetous glance at the Divine Cauldron.

    “Lad, let’s get started. The one who crafts the purest Aksum Pill in the shortest time wins,” Jubilante declared.

    “No problem.” Jared nodded. With the sound of a bell, the competition officially began. Everyone watched intently, eager to witness the ancient Divine Cauldron in action.

    After the competition started, Jubilante immediately conjured a spiritual fire and carefully observed its intensity. He then began placing different mystical herbs into the cauldron at different times.

    This was a crucial step in pill crafting- controlling the spiritual fire’s intensity and arranging the mystical herbs in the correct order.

    However, Jared took a different approach. He threw all the mystical herbs needed for the Aksum Pill into the Divine Cauldron in one go.

    Then, with a blue spiritual fire in hand, he thrust it into the cauldron. In an instant, a blazing fire erupted inside the Divine Cauldron.

    Witnessing this scene, everyone was left dumbfounded. Even Jubilante, who had stopped placing his mystical herbs, looked at Jared in disbelief. He had seen various alchemy methods, but this one was entirely unfamiliar.

    Is this even a valid pill-crafting method? Throwing all the mystical herbs in and setting it on fire? If this can yield a pill, it seems absurd.

    “Is this alchemy? It looks more like cooking over an open fire.”

    “Are we sure this method won’t blow up the cauldron?”

    “I’ve lived this long and have never seen such an alchemy method.”

    A fervent discussion broke out among the onlookers. Jubilante, concerned about Jared’s cauldron potentially exploding, cautiously moved his own cauldron further away.

    As the flames in Jared’s Divine Cauldron diminished, Jubilante, realizing he had neglected his own pill crafting, focused intently on his task. Others also retreated, wary of the potential explosion from the Divine Cauldron.

    Observing Jared’s unconventional alchemy method, Cade wore a puzzled expression. While he was not an alchemist, he had seen many alchemists practicing alchemy, and none had used such a method.

    “Mr. Chance, what… kind of alchemy method is this? Is it effective?” Cade asked in astonishment.

    “Wait a moment, and you’ll find out if it’s effective,” Jared replied with a faint smile. Just as Jared’s words faded, there was a sudden, resounding bang that startled everyone. Everyone thought that Jared had blasted his Divine Cauldron.

    However, what they saw was a plume of white vapor rising from the Divine Cauldron, accompanied by a rich medicinal fragrance.

    With this fragrance, a colorful glow instantly shimmered in the sky, forming a beautifully radiant Spirit Cloud.

    “Spirit Cloud? This is a Spirit Cloud! I’ve never seen such a beautiful Spirit Cloud before.”

    “Oh my goodness, he produced a Spirit Cloud with just a mere Aksum Pill? What kind of alchemy technique is this?”

    “We don’t even need to care about the Aksum Pill anymore. Just the appearance of the Spirit Cloud tells us that this guy has definitely won. Jubilante has created numerous Aksum Pills, but not once has a Spirit Cloud appeared.”

    Everyone stared in awe at the Spirit Cloud hanging in the air, utterly shocked.

    Jubilante, on the other hand, had fallen to the ground on his bottom and was staring at the pill. He rubbed his eyes forcefully, unable to believe that Jared’s pill crafting had resulted in the formation of such a remarkable Spirit Cloud.

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