Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3228

    Jubilante turned slowly to face Jared and inquired, “What did you just say?”

    “I said your conduct doesn’t match your position,” Jared retorted directly. Jared’s

    remark immediately shocked Cade. The surrounding alchemists were left in

    disbelief as they stared at Jared in utter amazement.

    “Where did this guy come from? He’s got some nerve talking to Jubilante like


    “Absolutely audacious. How dare he say Jubilante’s conduct doesn’t match his


    “He’s done. Even the Seizon family can’t save him now.”

    The alchemists chattered among themselves, ready to witness Jared’s downfall.

    Cade attempted to speak up for Jared. “Jubilante, he-”

    Before Cade could finish, Jubilante gestured for him to stop talking. Jubilante

    looked at Jared icily and asked, “You said my conduct doesn’t match my status?”

    “Yes,” Jared replied nonchalantly.

    “Do you even know who you’re talking to?” Jubilante narrowed his eyes slightly.

    “I feel like you’re all talk. I don’t think you can even pass the tests you yourself

    set up,” Jared provocatively remarked.

    Jared’s statement aimed to resonate with many alchemists who believed the

    assessment was too difficult, even for Jubilante himself. Sure enough, as soon as

    Jared spoke, it caused a commotion among the alchemists.

    “I also think Jubilante can’t pass his own assessments.”

    “That’s right. These assessments are too difficult.”

    “Finally, someone dares to bring it up. I wonder how Jubilante will handle this.”

    The discussions spread rapidly, reaching Jubilante’s ears. Jubilante’s expression

    turned unpleasant as he heard the discussions and Jared’s provocation.

    “Kid, what do you mean? Do you want to challenge me?” Jubilante asked coldly.

    “What’s wrong with a little challenge?” Jared flashed a tiny smile.

    “You’re not qualified to challenge me. To challenge me, you have to pass this

    assessment first,” Jubilante said, waving his hand to make the illusion array clear.

    Everyone saw a faint appearance of various flowers and plants in the void, which

    were mystical herbs in the illusion array.

    The assessment required participants to quickly identify the types of herbs based

    on their tastes, shapes, and colors.

    “If you want to challenge me, head in!” Jubilante declared with an icy snort. Jared

    merely chuckled softly. Without hesitation, he headed into the illusion array.

    Herbs of various kinds swayed in the wind within the illusion array. Jubilante’s

    voice sounded in Jared’s ears.

    “You need to find Nelumbo’s Seed, Palace’s Autumn, wild mugwort, Dragon’s

    Bile, ragwort…” Jubilante listed over a dozen types of herbs. “Remember, you

    only have ten minutes. If you can’t find these herbs within ten minutes, you fail

    and won’t get to challenge me.”

    The number of herbs he listed was clearly more than what the others were given,

    yet he only gave Jared ten minutes, which was a relatively short time!

    “Seriously? Finding over a dozen types of herbs in ten minutes is simply


    “Not even an immortal can do this.”

    “This is an assessment that can’t be completed. It seems Jubilante is doing this

    on purpose.”

    Everyone was indignant on behalf of Jared. This wasn’t an assessment. Clearly,

    it was a prank. No one could find over a dozen types of herbs within ten minutes.

    However, Jared remained silent and scanned the various herbs as if he had a

    radar in his mind. Countless types of herbs flashed in Jared’s consciousness

    field, and the Golden Tome in his consciousness field began to flicker, precisely

    pinpointing each herb.

    Jared walked forward calmly to pick the herbs without even looking.

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