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    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3227

    Just as Jared was about to step into the illusion array, a sudden commotion

    behind him interrupted him. “Make way, make way! Why do incapable alchemists

    like to come here?”

    Following the shouts, a dozen alchemists in white rushed forward, forming a path

    by holding hands.

    An elderly man with white hair, exuding an air of grace and dressed in a gray

    robe, slowly walked into Jubilante’s mansion. Upon seeing this elderly man, many

    alchemists went wild.

    “Jubilante, Jubilante…”

    “I love you, Jubilante…”

    Enter title…

    “Jubilante, please accept me as your disciple.”

    “Jubilante, can I be your godson?” Numerous alchemists shouted, with many

    female alchemists beaming with excitement, eager to become this old man’s


    Upon seeing Jubilante, Cade became somewhat breathless. He blurted out

    excitedly, “I never thought I’d see Jubilante with my own eyes. This is amazing!”

    Jubilante remained arrogantly indifferent, showing no signs of emotional change

    amidst the cries of the surrounding alchemists.

    However, when passing by a beautiful female alchemist, Jubilante would give a

    slight smile and then gently caress her face.

    Those female alchemists would tremble with excitement, some even fainting on

    the spot. Observing this scene, Jared felt a sense of déjà vu.

    This wasn’t much different from the mundane world, where major celebrities

    would receive similar adoration from fans.

    The ecstatic cheers, especially from female fans, seemed oddly familiar.

    However, Jared couldn’t understand why these beautiful female alchemists were

    so infatuated with this old man. Jubilante seemed too old for such attention.

    As Jared remained in Jubilante’s mansion, one alchemist chided, “What are you

    doing? Make way!”

    Jared remained silent and was about to make way when Jubilante noticed him.

    Frowning, Jubilante remarked, “You’re so young, yet you’re here for the

    assessment. No wonder there’s such a commotion at the entrance of my

    residence. In the future, young alchemists like you are not allowed to take the

    test. Do you take my home for a market where anyone can just come in and take

    the assessment?”

    After saying this, Jubilante signaled to a white- robed alchemist beside him. The

    alchemist instantly understood and shouted at Jared, “Leave immediately. You’re

    not qualified for the assessment!”

    “Why not? Why do young people not have the right to take the assessment?”

    Jared asked, furrowing his brows.

    The white-robed alchemist retorted angrily, “There is no reason. If we say you

    can’t, you can’t. How dare you defy me?”

    Cade stepped forward to explain, “Jubilante, the Seizon family invited this

    alchemist here. He wants to buy some mystical herbs from you, so he has to

    take the assessment.”

    Jubilante coldly glanced at Cade, then waved his hand, signaling the white-robed

    alchemist to step back.

    “Out of respect for the Seizon family, I’ll let him take the test once. But it’s futile

    as he won’t pass.”

    With that, Jubilante continued walking forward. The white-robed alchemists,

    along with the female alchemists he touched earlier, followed him.

    The female alchemists seemed excited as they knew they had been selected and

    might be able to rise to success.

    Watching these excited female alchemists, Jared couldn’t help feeling a bit sad.

    They were just playthings to Jubilante. Once he had enough, they would be

    discarded. They thought they could change their fate and rise to the top, but it

    was nothing but a laughable notion.

    Although Jared couldn’t help but scorn Jubilante, he found himself compelled to

    endure the assessment. After all, he still needed those mystical herbs from

    Jubilante. “Such behavior, and yet he still receives everyone’s respect. Truly eye[1]opening.”

    This muttered comment from Jared caught the attention of Jubilante, who had

    originally been leaving.

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