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    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3223

    Defeated “Boy, let your grandpa rest.” Lawrence helped Cloud up to his feet before turning to his two daughters. “Miya, Livya, bring Cloud and the others to rest.

    Don’t stir up trouble this time.” “Don’t worry, Dad. We won’t…” Miya stiffly replied.

    Then, Miya and Livya led Cloud’s group out of the room. Just as they reached the front yard, Genya stopped them. With a sword in her hand, Genya fiercely uttered to Miya, “Btch, I dare you to a fight!” Miya’s fury burned bright the moment she was insulted. Jabbing a finger at Genya, she snapped, “You arrogant wnch, how dare you curse at me? Bring it on! I’m going to beat you until you sh*t your pants!” “Miya, ignore her. If you fight with her and Dad finds out about it, he’ll surely reprimand you,” Livya reminded as she tugged Miya.

    “Let me go! I’m going to beat her up so badly she won’t ever forget about it!” With that, Miya readied herself for battle. From the way Miya and Genya yelled at each other, this did not seem like their first fight.

    In the next second, Miya smacked her waist, and out came a foil.

    Simultaneously, Genya pulled out her sword. Upon seeing the sword in Genya’s hand, Jared frowned.

    “What’s the matter, Mr. Chance?” Cloud whispered when he noticed the shift in Jared’s expression.

    “There’s demonic aura on the magic sword that Genya’s wielding. My guess is it’s a demon spirit sword. It’s best if you warn your older sister to be more careful,” Jared explained.

    At that, Cloud swiftly said to Miya, “M- Miya, be careful of her sword. There’s something strange about her weapon!” “What’s wrong with it?” Miya asked.

    “It…” Cloud hesitated. “Forget it. She’s just a loser. No matter what sword she uses, she’ll never be a match for me and my foil.” Miya was evidently confident in her ability. In the next second, her sword

    trembled, and her blade shot forward like a venomous snake after its prey.

    Genya lunged forward as well, and in no time, they were tangled in a fight.

    The two individuals displayed evenly matched strength, but it was clear that Miya held a slight advantage, especially with her foil. Thus, Miya temporarily gained the upper hand. In the sky, swords flashed, and spiritual energy roared.

    “Livya, do they always duke it out like this?” Cloud asked Livya beside him.

    “Eight times in ten days, but Miya wins every time. Genya can’t keep up with her, don’t worry,” Livya replied with a smile.

    “Ms. Seizon, have you ever seen the sword in Genya’s hand?” Jared asked Livya.

    Livya shook her head. “Never seen it. This girl frequently changes her sword, and she’s always claiming them as some kind of divine weapon, but every time Miya defeats her, she’ll switch to a different sword.” Jared nodded, already having an idea of the overall situation.

    Meanwhile, Genya began to show signs of exhaustion as she continuously retreated. Miya’s lips curled into a cold smile. “A loser as always. It won’t be any different today.” Just as Miya raised her sword, a sudden red light flashed in Genya’s eyes. Her long sword emitted countless sword lights like a storm, and they rushed toward Miya.

    Miya stepped back, and her foil, shaken in mid-air, produced a humming sound, creating blossoms of sword flowers. The clash between sword lights and sword flowers emitted a dazzling glow.

    At that moment, Genya’s sword seemed to gain consciousness, releasing a black mist. Then, a sword spirit emerged from the sword.

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