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    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3222

    Silencing The Alchemists Lawrence had a moment of comprehension as he studied the three alchemists’ expressions. Looking livid, he said, “Cade, seize those three b*stards. They dared to come into our house and cause harm. I’ll make them suffer a fate worse than death!” “Got it.” Cade nodded, then instructed some men to capture the alchemists.

    The trio was powerless to resist and did not even put up a fight before they were swiftly subdued. Overcome with panic, the alchemists hurriedly turned to Enrique and pleaded, “Mr. Enrique, help us! Please save us!” Enrique looked at them grimly. “You three b*stards! You still expect me to save you after you’ve harmed my father? Dream on! Take them out and kill them!” One of the alchemists struggled desperately and shouted, “Mr. Enrique, you can’t do this! This is-” Enrique suddenly waved his hand as the alchemist was in mid-sentence. A burst of aura penetrated the latter’s chest, and he ended up dying before he could finish what he was saying.

    The remaining alchemists stood stunned after witnessing their comrade’s death.

    A second later, they began yelling at Enrique, “You vicious b*stard! We did all this because you told us to! But now, you Thump! Thump!

    Enrique’s expression shifted drastically, and in the blink of an eye, he had delivered another two blows that killed the two alchemists.

    When Lawrence saw that his brother had killed all three alchemists, his face hardened.

    “Don’t listen to all the crp those bstards said, Lawrence. They were spewing baseless accusations. Although I was the one who brought them here, I’ve no idea how they went about the treatment. After all, I have no medical knowledge,” Enrique hastily explained. Even though I desperately want to take over Lawrence’s position as head of the family, now is not the time. I need to hold it in!

    Meanwhile, Lawrence stared at Enrique while seething with anger. I never imagined that this brother of mine would actually dare to do something to harm our father! However, what can I do now? I can’t do anything, at least not in front of Dad.

    “I’m sorry you had to see that, Mr. Chance. May I know if you can really cure my father of his ailment?” After Jared had exposed the three alchemists, Lawrence’s attitude toward him had altered significantly.

    Brimming with confidence, Jared answered, “Don’t worry. Since I dared to say that, it means it won’t be a problem. However, I need a few mystical herbs that can be quite tricky to find.” “Don’t worry, Mr. Chance. We have a medical hall in Yellow Blue City, and the alchemist in charge has all kinds of medicinal herbs,” Lawrence replied.

    Jared nodded and wrote a prescription for him. The latter glanced at it before instructing Cade, “Go and personally get the medicine according to the prescription.” “Okay!” With that, Cade left with the prescription. Then, Lawrence turned to Enrique and said, “Dad is fine now, so take your family and leave. Let him have some peace and quiet.” “All right.” Not daring to say anything else, Enrique promptly left with his children. Once they had gone, Lawrence looked at Cloud. “You can go and see your grandfather now.” Cloud nodded and rushed over to the bed, tears streaming down his face.

    Claudius seemed to sense something as he was lying on the bed and struggled to open his eyes. It was only briefly, but he managed to glance at Cloud before his eyes closed again.

    At the moment, his body was far too weak. If not for Jared, Claudius might not have made it through the da

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