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    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3219

    “Didn’t the three of you promise that he would be fine for ten days? It has only

    been a few days, but his condition is already deteriorating,” Lawrence roared at

    the three alchemists.

    “Calm down, Lawrence. You shouldn’t blame the alchemists. Even if they can

    stabilize Father for ten days, what’s going to happen after that? From my

    perspective, we had better start discussing Father’s funeral arrangements,”

    Enrique defended the alchemists, as he was the one who hired them, after all.

    Suppressing the anger within him, Lawrence threw his brother a cold glance and

    asked, “Enrique, didn’t you say that you would bring Jubilante here? How many

    days has it been since then? Where is he?”

    “Lawrence, Jubilante isn’t someone you can invite over easily. I’m sure you’re

    aware that alchemists are few and far between in Ethereal Realm. It’s not easy

    to hire them, let alone someone like Jubilante,” Enrique replied in a nonchalant

    tone, a response that angered Lawrence further.

    The latter knew that Enrique didn’t seek out Jubilante at all and had gone to

    Behemoth Palace in the northern region instead.

    Nevertheless, regardless of how angry he was, Lawrence wasn’t going to strike

    his brother. At the very least, not while their father was still alive.

    If both of them were to fall out and fight with each other in front of their father,

    they would end up becoming the city’s laughingstock.

    “Dad, how’s Grandpa doing?”

    Right then, Cade entered with Cloud and Jared, a sight that triggered a slight

    change in Lawrence’s expression. As for Enrique, he was briefly stunned.

    “Dad, I brought this alchemist here to treat Grandpa. Please let them examine

    him,” Cade added quickly.

    Upon hearing Cade’s words, Lawrence immediately knew what was going on.

    Hence, he inquired solemnly, “Where did you find them? Can they cure your


    “Don’t worry. These alchemists are from another continent and are extremely

    skilled,” Cade added. With that, Cade turned to Jared and Cloud, saying, “Dear

    sirs, please treat my grandfather.”

    Jared nodded before approaching the elderly man with Cloud following behind

    him. The sight of his wiry-looking grandfather broke Cloud’s heart. Yet he couldn’t

    show it on his face.

    Lawrence subsequently got to his feet to make way for Jared. However, just as

    the latter was about to examine Claudius, Enrique scoffed, “Cade, are you trying

    to get your grandfather killed by hiring such greenhorn alchemists? I’ve seen the

    three of them. They came from the northern region and were asking around

    about our family. They must be here to cheat us of our money.”

    No sooner had Enrique finished than Yorath added, “It seems that even those

    from the northern region know how dimwitted you are, Cade. On a few

    occasions, you brought in individuals who claim to be members of our family. All

    of them were scammers in the end. This time, you actually brought a group of

    alchemists back. Why do you believe them so easily? Which one of them even

    looks like one?”

    “Yorath, do you kiss your mom with that mouth? You’re such a jerk. How can you

    talk to Cade that way?” Miya Seizon scolded with her finger pointing at Yorath’s


    She knew that Cade was an honest man who- didn’t know how to scold others.

    That was the reason why he didn’t have a comeback to Yorath’s insult.

    However, the fact that Cade didn’t fight back didn’t mean Miya wouldn’t. Miya

    was the feistiest among the three siblings and wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

    “Who are you accusing of having a dirty mouth?

    I dare you to say it again,” Yorath snapped.

    “I already did. What are you going to do about it?” Miya sneered.

    “Miya, you’re nothing but a coward. I challenge you to a fight so that I can clean

    that dirty mouth of yours myself!”

    When she saw her brother being bullied, Genya jumped into the fray.

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