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    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3218

    “Why is this happening? Isn’t Grandpa’s sickness under control?” Cade exclaimed with a concerned look.

    “Didn’t the three alchemists promise that Dad would be fine during these ten days? Why is he vomiting blood all of a sudden?” said Lawrence coldly, brows furrowed.

    “I don’t have any idea. The three alchemists were panicking, saying that there

    was nothing more they could do. That’s why I came over to report the matter,”

    the subordinate explained helplessly.

    “Uncle Lawrence, what’s the matter with Grandpa?” Cloud asked anxiously. “It’s just an old ailment of your grandfather’s. There’s nothing for you to worry about.”

    Lawrence wasn’t keen on letting Cloud know too much.

    “Uncle Lawrence, Mr. Chance isn’t just an array master but also a renowned

    alchemist. Why don’t we let Mr. Chance examine Grandpa?”

    Cloud was certain that with Jared’s capabilities, curing his grandfather wouldn’t

    be difficult. Lawrence merely threw Jared a glance before replying, “It’s just

    something he had for a long time. He’ll be fine.”

    With that, Lawrence turned to Cade and instructed, “Cade, take Cloud with you

    to get some rest. I’ll go check on your grandfather.”

    After he finished, Lawrence hurriedly left with Livya and Miya following behind


    Even though Cade watched Lawrence’s leaving. silhouette with a worried look on

    his face, he pretended to be fine by forcing a smile to reassure Cloud, “Don’t

    worry, Cloud. It’s just a minor ailment. Why don’t I show you around?”

    Cloud could immediately tell that Cade was lying, for the latter’s honest

    demeanor made him a terrible liar.

    “Cade, tell me the truth. Is Grandpa’s condition. very serious? Can you take me

    to see him? Perhaps his sickness will improve with his mood when he sees me,”

    Cloud suggested. An awkward look descended upon Cade’s face. as he didn’t

    know what to say.

    “Cade, why don’t you want to take me to see Grandpa? Are you hiding

    something from me?” Cloud asked in a concerned tone.

    “No… Not at all.” Cade didn’t dare make eye contact with Cloud.

    “Cade, I know you won’t lie to me. Take me to see Grandpa. We might very well

    have a way to cure him, as Mr. Chance is a famous and skilled alchemist,” Cloud


    In the end, Cade let out a sigh of resignation. “Fine, I’ll take you to him, but you

    have to promise me one thing.”

    “Sure, tell me what it is,” Cloud agreed with a nod.

    “When you see him, you can’t tell him that you’re a member of the Seizon family

    or Uncle Renault’s son. Just say that you’re there to treat his sickness. Under no

    circumstances are you to reveal your identity,” Cade asserted with a serious


    “Why?” Cloud was puzzled.

    “Stop asking why, as this is for your own good. Remember what I just said, or

    your life will be in danger,” Cade reminded.

    Just as Cloud wanted to probe further, Jared stopped him, “Cloud, just listen to

    Cade and keep your identity a secret.”

    “All right.” Cloud nodded in agreement. With that, Cade led them through the hall

    and into the back of the house. Inside a room, Lawrence was sitting on a bed

    beside a frail elderly man. The elderly man’s eyes were closed, and his breath

    was shallow.

    Beside the bed, Enrique was looking at his father with a grim expression. Behind

    him was his son, Yorath, and daughter, Genya.

    Genya was dressed flamboyantly and kept checking herself in the mirror, not

    bothering to spare her grandfather a glance.

    On the other side of the bed were three men in alchemist outfits, standing there

    with awkward looks on their faces.

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