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    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3217

    Lawrence was also surprised. “Cloud, did you just say you navigated out of the illusion array by yourself?”

    “Yes,” Cloud affirmed with a nod.

    “How is that possible? That illusion array was crafted by a skilled arcane array master at great expense. How could they escape it so effortlessly?” Lawrence murmured to himself, somewhat incredulous.

    “Uncle Lawrence, Mr. Chance is a proficient array master and possesses a fundamental understanding of illusion arrays, so such illusions can’t pose a challenge to us,” Cloud explained. Lawrence looked skeptically at Jared, who seemed too young to be an array master.

    “Mr. Seizon, even though the illusion array was well-made, it had its flaws.

    Anyone skilled in arcane arrays could break it within minutes. While I was inside,

    I made some adjustments to enhance its security and make it more. challenging

    to dismantle,” Jared explained to Lawrence with a respectful nod.

    “What? You altered the illusion array?” Lawrence was astonished, then quickly

    added, “Cade, go check on your two sisters. They entered the illusion array after

    it was modified, and I’m afraid they might have difficulty getting out now.”

    Cade felt awkward. Understanding that he would face the same dilemma with the

    modified illusion array, he sought help from Jared, who understood and shared

    the incantation with Cade.

    “As long as you follow the incantation, you won’t get lost inside the array,” Jared

    assured him.

    Cade nodded and hurried out. Soon after, he returned with his two sisters. When

    the two girls laid eyes on Jared and the others, they were astonished.

    “How did you guys manage to get out?” Miya asked in bewilderment.

    “Quiet,” scolded Lawrence. “You two have been too presumptuous. Cloud has

    just arrived, and you put him through this. Is this how you treat guests? Apologize

    to Cloud right now. Also, this is Mr. Jared Chance, an array master. That is why

    the illusion array couldn’t trap them.. Moreover, Mr. Chance modified the array to

    make it more flawless. Otherwise, how could you two have been trapped


    Hearing this, Miya and Livya were taken aback. They didn’t expect the young

    man to be an array master.

    Realizing they had gone too far, they quickly went to Cloud to apologize. “We’re

    genuinely sorry, Cloud. We didn’t mean to cause you trouble.”

    Cloud stood up promptly. “Miya, Livya, I know it was just a joke. I don’t mind it at


    Subsequently, the two sisters offered sincere. apologies to Jared and Feenix.

    Their mischievous demeanor from before had vanished. It was evident that

    Lawrence had disciplined his children well.

    “Cloud, how is your father doing? I never thought after all these years, he

    managed to raise such a sensible son. Your father was the most mischievous

    when he was young, and your grandfather loved him the most. He’s been. gone

    for so many years, and your grandfather has missed him for so long,” Lawrence

    reminisced about the past with a tinge of sorrow.

    Cloud felt a sense of shame upon hearing Lawrence’s words. He knew himself

    best; he used to be nothing but a wastrel, unaware of the true meaning of

    responsibility. It was only after following Jared that he gradually changed.

    “Uncle Lawrence, my father is doing well. He has established Stellaris Sect and

    is running an airship business. If it weren’t for some recent issues in Stellaris

    Sect, my father would have wanted to come along too. How’s Grandpa doing? I

    would love to meet him,” Cloud expressed.

    However, Lawrence hesitated upon hearing about Cloud’s wish to meet Claudius.

    At that moment, a Seizon family housekeeper hurried in, conveying urgent news.

    “Mr. Seizon, Old Mr. Seizon has experienced another bout of blood vomiting, and

    the three alchemists in attendance are unable to address the situation!”

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