Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3215

    Since Miya had said as much, Livya did not say anything further. Nonetheless, an unshakable sense of uneasiness lingered within her. In no time, Cade came over with their father, Lawrence.

    “Dad, I’m sure it must be Uncle Renault’s son this time because I’ve seen the Seizon family’s token. It’s been so many years without any news about Uncle Renault. This time, we’ve finally gotten in touch with him,” Cade said to Lawrence excitedly as they walked.

    Similarly, Lawrence wore an expression of delight.

    “Yeah. If it’s really your Uncle Renault’s son this time, we must entertain him properly. But that aside, don’t mention the things in the family to him. Now that the Seizon family is in such a situation, I don’t want your Uncle Renault and his family to be dragged into the mess as well.” “Okay, I got it. I won’t run my mouth.” Cade nodded in acknowledgment. When he hurried into the living room with Lawrence, all he saw was Miya and Livya eating there. Stunned, he asked, “Miya, Livya, I told you both to bring Cade over. Where is he?” Livya did not dare utter a word, merely glancing at Miya.

    Miya, on the other hand, declared, “At first glance, I could tell that those few people were scammers, Cade. We led them into the illusion array so they couldn’t roam around in the Seizon residence.” “What?” Cade’s eyes went wide. He promptly roared, “Who told you both to do that? I’ve already verified the Seizon family’s token. How could he possibly be a scammer? What absurdity!” While he did so, Miya argued with an aggrieved look, “We didn’t know you verified it. Besides, there’s no danger to them in the illusion array. Why are you shouting at us?” “You’re not young anymore to do such an absurd thing, Miya. Hurry up and lead them out of the illusion array. If he’s really your Uncle Renault’s son, just wait for your punishment,” Lawrence also reprimanded with a dark expression on his face..

    The instant Miya saw that her father was mad, she knew that she had gone too far. Thus, she quickly went to retrieve Jared and the others with Livya.

    “The two of them are downright troublesome, always up to some trick or other,” Cade lamented with a sigh, his eyes fixed on his sisters’ backs.

    “Cade, did you find anything out after secretly following your Uncle Enrique to the northern region this time?” Lawrence asked.

    “You hit the nail on the head, Dad. Uncle Enrique didn’t search for Jubilante.

    Instead, he went to Behemoth Palace. Alas, it was heavily guarded, and I couldn’t slip in. Therefore, I don’t know what he discussed with the lord of Behemoth Palace,” Cade replied.

    “Oh well, your Uncle Enrique is indeed too petty and ruthless. Otherwise, I don’t mind giving him the position of patriarch. I’m afraid your grandpa’s days are numbered now. Instead of finding a way to cure him, your Uncle Enrique is forming alliances everywhere to steal the position of patriarch. It truly saddens me,” Lawrence murmured with a sigh.

    “If all else fails, Dad, let’s make the first move. Otherwise, things will be tricky if Uncle Enrique really joins hands with Behemoth Palace against us,” Cade proposed, a vicious glint flashing across his eyes.

    However, Lawrence shot him an icy glare and rebuked, “Nonsense! That’s your uncle. Even if he intends to seize the position of patriarch and has joined hands with other forces, the truth remains that he hasn’t taken action. How could we make the first move? We’re the only ones left of the Seizon family. If we were to fight each other at that time, someone else would be reaping the benefits, and we’d be a laughingstock to others. You’re an honest man, Cade. Let me tell you this. It’s better for your Uncle Enrique to wrong us than for us to wrong. him. We can’t ever be tarnished by infamy. Do you understand that?”

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