Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3214

    “Don’t spout nonsense.” Cade glared at Miya and Livya. Then, he ordered, “Take them to the living room to rest. I’m going to look for Father.” After saying that, he left. Meanwhile, Miya and Livya continued scrutinizing Cloud with wariness brimming in their eyes.

    “Miya, Livya, I’m really a member of the Seizon family.” Their scrutiny made Cloud a tad discomfited.

    “Hold it there. Don’t address us so intimately first. Our brother is an honest man, so he’s often fooled. But it’s impossible to dupe us both. We’ll soon know whether you’re a member of the Seizon family. Come with us!” While saying that, Miya whirled around and strode ahead. Livya quickly followed behind her. Cloud could only flash Jared and Feenix an awkward smile before doing the same.

    As the two girls led the way ahead, their movements were light and airy. It was as though they were floating on the ground.

    When they walked past a stretch of land with an artificial hill and plants, they exchanged at glance. Suddenly, they made a sharp turn at a corner of the artificial hill. By the time Jared and the others caught up, they were long since gone.

    “Huh? Where are they?” Cloud wondered, taken aback.

    “Looks like those two cousins of yours aren’t to be trifled with, Cloud. You’ve got to be more careful,” Feenix commented smirkingly.

    Embarrassment was written all over Cloud’s face. He never expected such a thing to happen. right after he had returned.

    “The living room should be right ahead. Let’s go there by ourselves,” he suggested in mortification.

    The three of them headed toward the house before their eyes. But after walking for some time, they realized that they would end up beside the artificial hill regardless of the path they took, unable to reach

    the house.

    Cloud wanted to try flying over, only to discover a restriction in the yard, stopping him from doing so.

    “What’s going on here?” he exclaimed with bafflement etched across his features.

    “This yard of the Seizon residence is so vast that we actually got lost and can’t get out,” Feenix lamented, gazing at the plants around her.

    “We didn’t get lost. Instead, we entered an illusion array,” Jared declared with a laugh after checking the surroundings.

    Never had he expected someone to set up an illusion array in the yard of their own house.

    Anyhow, it was a good thing because it could at least ensure the homeowner’s safety. If someone were to break into the house, they would undoubtedly get caught in the illusion array. That would give the homeowner time to make preparations..

    “Those twins are really evil that they led us into an illusion array!” Feenix groused in displeasure.

    Following that, Cloud grew even more embarrassed. He could only apologize with his face flushed bright red. “I’m really sorry, Ms. Feenix.” “This has nothing to do with you. Your two cousins are downright diabolical!” Feenix huffed.

    “They’re not exactly diabolical. Perhaps they’re just more cautious.” Jared knew there must have been people who pretended to be a member of the Seizon family before they came.

    After all, it was no secret that the youngest son of the Seizon family eloped.

    “Can you break this illusion array, Master?” Feenix asked. “Break it?” The corners of Jared’s mouth lifted. “If I were to do just that much, it’d make me appear too incompetent.” Seeing that, Feenix

    immediately understood Jared’s plan.

    He was planning to transform that illusion array. At that time, even the Seizon family would never be able to get out of it upon entering without his help.

    Meanwhile, Miya and Livya were sitting in the living room, eating right then.

    “Say, Miya, will Cade punish us when he learns about what we did?” Livya asked worriedly.

    “Don’t worry. Those people must have also come to mooch off us. Cade is honest and always trusts others too easily. When he has gotten Father here later, we’ll let them out. At that time, the truth will come to light. Cade can’t punish us then,” Miya assured nonchalantly.

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