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    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3213

    “W-Where did you get this bronze coin?” Cade demanded, stepping forward and clutching Cloud’s hand that held the bronze coin.

    “My father gave it to me,” was Cloud’s response.

    “What’s your father’s name?” Cade pressed.

    “Renault Seizon.” When Cloud uttered his father’s name, Cade’s entire body shook. “Renault Seizon… Renault Seizon…” he muttered that name repeatedly. All of a sudden, he grabbed Cloud.

    “Y-You’re actually Uncle Renault’s son? I never expected you to be my cousin!

    How is Uncle Renault?” Cade was so emotional that tears escaped his eyes. Scrutinizing him, Jared surmised that it was not an act but the true expression of his feelings.

    Cloud could likewise sense Cade’s sincerity, and tears shimmered in his eyes.

    “My father is fine. He had me bring the token to the Seizon family this time to see how things are going and to visit Grandpa,” he hurriedly replied.

    Hugging Cloud, Cade cried for a long moment before letting go of the man and wiping his own tears.

    “Come home with me, Cloud. If my father were to learn that you’re here, he’d definitely be over -the moon.” He then started heading toward the direction of the Seizon residence while dragging Cloud along.

    “Cade, that Mr. Enrique earlier must be our uncle, yes? Why weren’t you with him?” Cloud asked in puzzlement.

    “You’ve just arrived, so you might not know much about the Seizon family’s situation. Let’s talk as we walk.” Cade sighed softly before he began introducing the members of the Seizon family..

    Following his introduction, Jared learned that the former patriarch of the Seizon family, Claudius Seizon, had three sons-Lawrence Seizon, Enrique Seizon, and Renault Seizon.

    The eldest son, Lawrence, had a son and two daughters. Cade was the oldest, followed by Miya Seizon and Livya Seizon.

    The second son, Enrique, had a son and daughter-Yorath Seizon and Genya Seizon.

    Finally, there was Cloud.

    “You’re the youngest in the Seizon family, Cloud, so you rank last!” Cade declared, taking Cloud’s hand happily. As for why he wasn’t with Enrique, he did not elaborate on it but merely brushed it off with an excuse.

    At the side, Jared could tell that the situation in the Seizon family was exceedingly complex, so much so that Cade might find it hard to put it in. words.

    Thanks to the conversation as they walked, they all got familiar with each other.

    Jared. could tell that Cade was an honest man and sincerely liked Cloud.

    Soon, they arrived at a massive mansion. In the mansion, various trees grew, and a gurgling stream flowed underneath. It was filled with the charm of Nuthana.

    Judging from the mansion alone, it was evident. that the Seizon family was undoubtedly one of the top families in Yellow Blue City.

    No sooner had they stepped into the courtyard than two girls approached. They were almost identical in looks, both wearing white dresses. and emanating a fairy-like aura.

    “There are guests today, Cade?” the two girls asked Cade upon reaching them.

    “Miya, Livya, let me make the introductions. This is Uncle Renault’s son, Cloud Seizon. He’s also our cousin. These two are his friends, Jared Chance and Feenix,” Cade stated.

    Then, he pointed to the two girls and said to Cloud, “Cloud, this is your eldest female cousin, Miya Seizon. And this is her sister, Livya Seizon. They’re twins.” “Hello, Miya, Livya,” Cloud greeted the two girls politely.

    “Uncle Renault’s son? For real?” The two girls studied Cloud. Then, Miya queried, “Are you sure about it, Cade? Many years have gone by without any news about Uncle Renault. How did a son of his come out from nowhere? Could he be a scammer?” “Exactly. Could he be a scammer? There’s been quite a number of people pretending to be a member of the Seizon family in recent years,” Livya seconded.

    Their words had embarrassment inundate Cloud.

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