Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3212

    When Feenix and Cloud heard Jared’s words, they hastily snapped their heads back, only to be greeted by an empty alley. “There’s no one following us, Mr.

    Chance,” Cloud remarked in puzzlement.

    “Yeah. I don’t see anyone either.” Feenix was similarly lost, befuddled about Jared talking to the air out of the blue.

    Ignoring them, Jared continued saying to the empty alley, “If you continue hiding in the shadows, buddy, don’t blame me for showing you no mercy.” Just as his words rang out, the void before them vibrated. On the heels of that, a figure slowly appeared. Seeing that, Feenix and Cloud swiftly backed away and dropped into a fighting stance.

    They had never expected someone to be able to conceal himself in the void without being discovered. Worse still, they did not even notice his aura.

    Although there were many invisibility techniques, they could only hide the physical body, for a person’s innate aura was beyond difficult to mask.

    However, the man before them did not only conceal his body. Even his aura did not leak a wisp.

    “Oh, I remember now! You also came via the Teleportation Array and were on our airship!” As Cloud scrutinized the bearded cultivator who appeared, memories of seeing him. promptly came to mind. After all, the latter was rather distinctive, leaving some impression on him.

    “Who exactly are you? And why are you. following us?” Jared demanded coldly.

    “And who are the lot of you?” the bearded. cultivator asked in return. Hearing that, Jared could not help laughing. “You don’t know who I am? Then, why are you following us? You already had your sights set on us back at the Teleportation Array, no?” The bearded cultivator did not deny it. Instead, he glanced

    at Cloud before questioning. “Why are you all so interested in the Seizon family?” “Tell us who you are first. Otherwise, don’t blame us for showing you no mercy.” Jared was seemingly unwilling to continue yakking with the man anymore. He slowly moved and surrounded the bearded cultivator.

    At that, the bearded cultivator inexorably sneered, “Just with the three of you, who are merely Body Fusion Realm cultivators? How presumptuous! Since you want to know who am, I’ll tell you the answer.” After saying that, he waved the sleeve of his robe. In the blink of an eye, the beard on his face disappeared, and he turned into a fair- skinned young man.

    Even his aura changed slightly.

    “I’m Cade Seizon, the heir of the Seizon family,” Cade Seizon declared, introducing himself. Jared appeared a touch surprised at the change in the bearded cultivator. But upon hearing that the latter was from the Seizon family, he grew even more confused.

    Since he’s also part of the Seizon family, why did he change his appearance and aura instead of being with Enrique?

    “Since you’re from the Seizon family, why did you change your appearance?

    And why weren’t you with Mr. Enrique?” Jared asked in mystification.

    “You don’t need to know all that. Who exactly are the three of you? And why have you been making inquiries about the Seizon family? Also, why does this man have a wisp of aura unique to the Seizon family?” Cade demanded, pointing at Cloud.

    It would seem that he only paid attention to Jared and the others, going as far as tailing them, because of the unique aura on Cloud.

    “Because he’s also part of the Seizon family. As such, it’s only natural that he has an aura unique to the Seizon family,” Jared revealed mildly.

    “Nonsense! I know every single person of the Seizon family. Why don’t I know him?” Cade did not quite believe that.

    “Take out the token your father gave you, Cloud,” Jared said to Cloud.

    Cloud nodded. Subsequently, he took out a bronze coin. When Cade saw the bronze coin, his eyes instantly went wide, his face a mask of shock.

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