Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    A Man Like None Other Chapter 3211

    “Go on, buddy.” Jared prompted the cultivator to continue speaking.

    “Let me tell you a secret. No one else knows this.” Clearing his throat, the cultivator then mysteriously continued, “In truth, the two brothers of the Seizon family are at odds. Their disciples wear different colors to make it easy to differentiate between the two lineages. They claim to have chosen different colors due to their personal preferences, but that’s actually. not the case.

    It’s because Mr. Enrique’s disciples are used to being arrogant and domineering, often kicking up trouble and tarnishing the Seizon family’s reputation. The patriarch of the Seizon family couldn’t control Mr. Enrique’s disciples, so he came up with this solution. With the color of their clothes visible on the streets, people could tell the disciples’ lineage. This is exclusive information, unknown to everyone else.” The cultivator was all smug, feeling incredibly proud because he knew a lot. But no sooner had he finished speaking than a faint aura enveloped him. Before any of the others noticed it, Jared had already sensed it.

    The aura emanated from Enrique. Although he was sitting at the very front, every move of those behind him was seemingly in the palm of his hand.

    Unaware of the impending danger, the cultivator continued chattering about Yellow Blue City.

    Shortly after, the airship entered Yellow Blue City’s airspace. From above, the entire city. resembled a gigantic beast lying on a vast stretch of land.

    The airship slowly landed a stone’s throw away from Yellow Blue City’s city gates, and the cultivators started disembarking.

    Only when everyone had climbed out of the airship did Enrique languidly step off. When he walked past the chatterbox of a cultivator, however, he abruptly made a move..

    He shot out his hand, upon which the cultivator’s head exploded like a watermelon. Everyone had no idea what had happened. Upon seeing him killing someone without warning, they all dodged to the side in terror.

    “If anyone else dares to spout nonsense about the Seizon family, this will be his fate.” With that said, Enrique continued forward steadily. His words were seemingly meant for Jared and the others, a warning for them to stop making. inquiries about the Seizon family.

    As he approached, the city gates of Yellow Blue City slowly opened, and a few demon beasts ambled out while pulling a cart.

    Behind the cart was a group of men in blue robes. At a single glance, one could tell that they were there to welcome Enrique.

    Enrique got onto the cart and entered the city. Everyone glanced at the cultivator, who had been struck dead with a blow. They all remained silent and headed toward the city as well.

    Cloud put his airship away. Then, the three of them also went into the city.

    The bustling crowd in the city appeared exceedingly lively, making the customs and atmosphere there visibly different from those in the northern region.

    That excited Cloud since he had never left the northern region in all his years. At his enthusiasm, Feenix commented with at chuckle, “Look at your ignorant self.

    I’ve been to all the five regions.” Cloud and Feenix talked and laughed, but Jared did not say a word because he could sense someone following them at the back.

    From the time they were at the Teleportation Array, he had perceived a pair of eyes on them.

    Coupled with the fact that someone was tailing them right then, he inexorably raised his guard.

    “What’s wrong, Master?” Feenix asked, noticing something amiss with the man.

    “Don’t ask any questions. Just follow me.” After saying that, Jared quickened his pace and deliberately walked toward an alley with fewer people.

    Despite the bewilderment etched across their features, Feenix and Cloud did not dare ask any questions. They merely followed behind the man.

    It was not until they had entered an extremely dark alley that Jared finally stopped. Feenix and Cloud followed suit.

    Jared slowly turned around. Staring at the empty alley, he said in an icy voice, “Since you’ve followed us thus far, show yourself.”

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